Thursday, February 1, 2018

Bukkake - Meaning in Japanese | ぶっ掛け

In Japanese, bukkake ぶっ掛け refers to the act of "splashing" or "pouring" something onto something, for example, throwing water from a bucket at someone.

The term bukkake is also used to refer to pornography featuring copious amounts of semen bukkake'ng someone. This includes hentai pornography discussed by the anime fandom.

It's worth noting that the word bukkake has literally nothing to do with semen or sex. There's even a dish called bukkake udon whose main ingredient is (probably) not semen or anything of sort.

About the word, bukkake is a noun coming from the verb bukkakeru ぶっ掛ける, which'd mean "to pour" or "to splash" with some intensity.

This is because kakeru 掛ける already means "to pour," The word kakeru also means a lot of other things, like "to bet," or "to run," or "to spend [time or money]," but in this case it's "to pour."

The prefix bu' ぶっ here acts an intensifier. As if you were pouring with IMPACT. This prefix comes from the word butsu 打つ which means "to hit" or "to strike" against something.

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