Sunday, October 16, 2016

Request Articles to Japanese with Anime

Do you want to know the meaning of something in Japanese you saw in anime, manga or game but you don't know where to ask?

Post a comment below with your request!


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  1. This blog is so useful! Thank you. If I may request something, I'd like to see a good article covering mistakes using the "wa" and "ga" particles. I've never found a textbook that's made the distinction clear, and all of my uses come from imitating how I see it used elsewhere, but I still make errors. I think a guide pointing out mistakes of using each could be helpful. Thanks again. I've got a lot of reading on here to do! :)

  2. Not quite what you are asking us to request of you, but I am quite curious and need assistance please. ^_^

    I am finding this thus far a great and entertaining source of information. However I am confused on the posted dates of most articles. The very first one I read thoroughly, was what I would consider to be THE introduction to this entire website, “Learning Japanese Is Not That Hard”. But it is post dated to December 23rd 2016, while more complicated and intricate articles are posted earlier in July of the same year. And 2017 you are talking generally about how many words there are to learn and why there are no spaces, etc. But those kind of helpful tips I would assume would be at the beginning as well, and not in the middle or the end.

    I have only glanced at a few of them here and there, but it does not make any sense to me. Did you start this project to give random, albeit important, advice on certain kanji or did you post it as you were learning and just gave more detailed info later on with the ideas of how it is suppose to work? Or you had this all on another website and then somehow posted things out of order? Do you suggest any particular order to attain fluidity? Also is there a way to force the webpage to show oldest posts first, instead of newest, since at the moment I have to do a lot of scrolling to get where I need to be. Thank you. ^_^

    1. Try using the search box, maybe it helps. Some posts also have tags that can help you get to related posts quicker.

      As for how the blog is organized... well, it mostly isn't. Sometimes I make plans of writing about a number of posts about a certain theme, so they're posted on after the other. But most of the time I'm just writing about a word I've seen recently.

  3. Can I ask a post about Riiman (リーマン) and what it means? Or could you just explain it to me what it means in this comment section? Does it mean salaryman (サラリーマン)? To be completely honest, I saw does words in hentai.