Monday, July 2, 2018

Hiragana-Chan: Android App for Learning the Kana

So I'm making an Android app for people who like anime and want to start learning Japanese. It helps memorize the hiragana and katakana. Utterly basic stuff and not really interesting for anyone who's already learned them, but should be useful for absolute beginners.

Link: Hiragana-Chan on Google Play.

Since I never made something like this before so I don't know if it works. Do post feedback in the comments below if you have any.

A screenshot of the app hiragana-chan.


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  1. Hello. Is there any app like that for kanji or vocabulary (in kanji)? Thanks!

    1. Personally I don't use them, but I hear most people use Anki, Memrise or Wanikani for spaced repetition.

  2. Hello, i tried your app and id like to leave some feedback so ill try to be as constructive as possible. I, myself tried a lot of different apps in attempt to memorize my kana, the two i found successful were "quizlet" and "write it! Japanese". The most common problem in my opinion, learning kana is that so many characters look so similar (の、め etc) so the ability to memorize the "troublesome" characters back to back is important. Quizlet allowed me to "star" certain characters and quiz myself on them by themselves. After memorizing everything, i was able to recognize every kanab but was still unable to visualize kana when trying to type or write it myself, which is what the swcond app helped me with. These two allowed me to master my kana very quickly.
    Onto your app.
    Firstly i like how lightweight it is. Less powdr on the phone for more study time. Love that. One main difference between your app is that it shows how each kana is used shown in the pronounciation of each kanji.
    Whilst this is an interesting idea i do feel that it confuses the objective. Kana being the most basic form of japanese writing i feel like it should focus specifically on that.
    However, i don't think it is completely useless as an idea. I feel it is a great way to learn the on'yomi and kun'yomi of kanji in each contextb which can be extremely difficult once you are at that level.
    Hope this helps, i will be following the app progress

    1. I'm not involved in the creation of this app, but thanks for your comment. I'm learning Japanese right now and the app suggestions were helpful.