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Monday, October 10, 2016

usui hon 薄い本

In Japanese, usui hon 薄い本, meaning literally "thin book," is often a slang that refers to a doujinshi 同人誌 featuring adult content.

In the west, some people mistake doujinshi for doujin 同人 and think all doujin are hentai 変態. That's not true. The doujinshi are just fanzines, and some of them happen to be adult fanzines.

The term usui hon 薄い本 comes from the thickness of the book. They're often 30 pages or fewer, so they're literally thin.

The reason they're so thin is that the artists authoring those books are making them as a hobby, in their free time. They don't have the resources, like professional assistants, that a serialized mangaka 漫画家 would have.

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