Monday, November 20, 2017

baka gaijin 馬鹿外人

In Japanese, baka gaijin 馬鹿外人 means "stupid foreigner." It's also spelled baka gaijin バカ外人.

In English, baka gaijin is a meme, a self-deprecating phrase used sarcastically by weebs and people learning Japanese.

Note that the word gaijin, "outsider," is considered to be rude by some, and gaikokujin 外国人, "person from another country," would be the less offensive term. However, since the point of the meme is being self-deprecating, it's baka gaijin, not baka gaikokujin.

すいませーん おわ! 外国人! ハハッOK OK
Manga: Giant Killing
  • Context: a kid sees a foreigner.
  • suimaseen...
    (a contraction of...)
    • sumimasen
      Excuse me.
  • owa!
  • gaikokujin!
    A foreigner!
  • haha' ok ok
    ハハッOK OK
    Hahah. Ok. Ok.

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