Sunday, February 18, 2018

nenabe ネナベ (Girl with Male Online Avatar)

In Japanese, nenabe ネナベ means a girl with an online male avatar, e.g. a woman that plays a male character in an online game, MMORPG, etc. It's an abbreviation of netto nenabe ネットネナベ, "internet onabe," onabe オナベ being the female counterpart of okama オカマ. The male counterpart of nenabe is nekama ネカマ.

Morioka Moriko 盛岡森子 and her male online avatar, Hayashi 林.
Left: Morioka Moriko 盛岡森子
Right: Hayashi
Anime: Net-juu no Susume, ネト充のススメ (Episodes 3, 2)
  • Context: Moriko and her male avatar, Hayashi.

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