Friday, February 9, 2018


In Japanese, TG would be the abbreviation of "transgender," katakanized toransujendaa トランスジェンダー. The letters TG are pronounced as thii-jii ティージー.

TS is the abbreviation of "transsexual," katakanized toransusekusharu トランスセクシャル. TS is pronounced thii-esu ティーエス.

TSF is the abbreviation of "transsexual fiction" or "transsexual fantasy," a genre that includes gender-bender and the sort. TSF is pronounced thii-esu-efu ティーエスエフ.

TV is the abbreviation of "transvestite" katakanized toransuvesutaito トランスべスタイト. Or maybe of "television." TV would be pronounced thii-vii ティーヴィー.

These abbreviations are used in English to some extent too.

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