Friday, May 18, 2018

chama ちゃま - Honorific

In Japanese, ~chama ~ちゃま is a mix of two honorific suffixes: the diminutive ~chan ~ちゃん and the reverent ~sama ~さま. It's not normally used in Japanese.

One way it can be used is in obocchama お坊ちゃま. Maids, butlers, servants who serve a house and its master, sometimes refer to the son and daughter of the house as obocchan お坊ちゃん and ojousama お嬢様, respectively.

The word obocchama would be trying to match ~sama ~さま of ojousama in the word obocchan.

わぁ! 坊っちゃま!新しいお洋服ですか? ・・・まあな あ!数日前仕立て屋さんをお呼びしてオーダーメイドしたものですね!
Manga: Bocchan to Maid, 坊っちゃんとメイド (Chapter 11, 小さな冒険(3))
  • waa! bocchama!
    Wah! [Young master]!
  • atarashii oyoufuku desu ka?
    Are [those] new clothes?
  • ...maa na
  • a! {suujitsu-mae
    shitateya-san wo
    oyobi shite
    shita} mono desu ne!

    Ah! [It's] the one [that] {[you] custom-ordered some days ago when you called the tailor}, right?!
Honorific Suffixes

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