Friday, January 11, 2019

doshigatai 度し難い

In Japanese, doshigatai 度し難い means "irredeemable," "beyond salvation." However, the literal meaning of the word a bit more complicated. And given that this is a catchphrase in the manga and anime Made in Abyss, I supposed it deserves a thorough explanation.

Manga: Maid in Abyss, メイドインアビス (Chaper 15, 不動卿)


Basically, doshigatai 度し難い is composed of three words: do 度, the auxiliary verb suru する in its ren'youkei 連用形 form, shi し, and the auxiliary adjective ~gatai ~がたい, which means "hard to do."

By the way, this word isn't really as common in real life as it is in the manga.
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