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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

yokereba よければ

In Japanese, yokereba よければ, also spelled yokereba 良ければ, means "if you'd like to," or "if you want to."
  • yokereba yonde kudasai
    If you'd like, please read [it].
    • Please read if you'd like.

It's basically synonymous with yokattara よかったら, the only difference being that yokereba is more polite.[「よければ」と「よかったら」の違いについて -, 2019-02-13]

Grammatically, yokereba is the ba-form of yoi よい.


For reference, some examples of yokereba in Japanese:
  • yokereba renraku kudasai
    Please contact [me] if you'd like.
  • yokereba goran kudasai
    Please look if you'd like.
  • yokereba oshiete kudasai
    Please teach [me] if you'd like.
  • yokereba tsukatte kudasai
    Please use [it] if you'd like.


Note that, besides yokattara, there are other words that are synonymous with yokereba:
  • yoroshikattara
    (tara-form of yoroshii よろしい)
  • yoroshikereba
    (ba-form of yoroshii)

These would be more polite than yokereba, which is more polite than yokattara.

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