Tuesday, February 19, 2019

良さ, Yosa - Meaning in Japanese

In Japanese, yosa 良さ, also spelled yosa よさ, means "good-ness" or "how good it is." It's the sa-form, "-ness form," of the i-adjective yoi 良い, "good," and the de facto sa-form of its more common synonym, ii いい.

Don't mistake yosa 良さ with yosasou 良さそう, which means "it seems it's good," or with the expression yossha! よっしゃ!, "alright!"


The inflection yosa 良さ is sometimes found in inflections of set phrases that include ii いい. For example:
  • un ga ii 運がいい
    The luck is good.
    [You're] lucky.
  • un no yosa 運の良さ
    The goodness of the luck.
    How good the luck is.
    How lucky [you] are.
  • atama ga ii 頭がいい
    The head is good.
    [You're] smart.
  • atama no yosa 頭の良さ
    The goodness of the head.
    How good the head is.
    How smart [you] are.
  • kimochi ii 気持ちいい
  • kimochi yosa 気持ちよさ
    The goodness of the feeling.
    How good it feels.
    How pleasant it is.
  • kakko ii カッコいい
    Good appearance.
  • kakko yosa カッコよさ
    The goodness of the appearance.
    How good the appearance is.
    How cool it looks.

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