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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

mahou-tsukai 魔法使い

WIP: this article is incomplete and might change in the unforeseeable future.
In Japanese, a mahou-tsukai 魔法使い is a "magic-user," literally, "someone who can use magic," mahou wo tsukaeru hito 魔法を使える人. Generally, however, mahou-tsukai is translated as "wizard."

A madoushi 魔道士 is pretty much the same thing, but since it's a different word, "sorcerer," I guess, who uses "sorcery," madou 魔道.

The term mahou-tsukai also refers to a virgin who's at least 30 years old. Or 25, in some cases.

That's because, according to the legends:
  • sanjuusai made doutei dato mahou-tsukai ni nareru
    Virgin until 30 years old, able to become a wizard.
    • You can become a wizard if you're still a virgin at 30 years old.

For the record: that's a meme. A variant says you become a "fairy," as in, a spirit, yousei 妖精, instead. See: Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken for reference.

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