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Saturday, October 26, 2019

nee ねー, ねえ, ねぇ

In Japanese, nee ねえ, also spelled nee, or nee, is the relaxed pronunciation of nai ない, or a longer variant of the ne ね particle, or an interjection used to call people's attention, or the word oneesan お姉さん, "older sister," without honorific affixes.

ねえ、西方。 な、何!?高木さん!? 何してんの? 別に・・・何も・・・ ふーん。
Manga: Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san からかい上手の高木さん (Chapter 1, 消しゴム)


In manga, most of the time nee ねー means nai ない.
  • warukunee
    (same as...)
  • warukunai
    Not bad.
  • ore janee
    (same as...)
  • ore janai
    [It] is not me.
  • shiranee
    (same as...)
  • shiranai
    [I] don't know.
  • shindenee
    (same as...)
  • shindenai
    (same as...)
  • shinde-inai
    [He] isn't dead.

Manga: Gintama 銀魂 (Chapter 28)
  • onna wo nameru-n-janeeeee!!
    Don't underestimate women!!

As a matter of fact, nai ない isn't the only word that can end up being pronounced with ee ええ instead. Many i-adjectives can end up being pronounced this way.

For example, sugoi すごい, "amazing," is often pronounced as sugee すげえ, hayai 速い, "fast," as hayee 早え.

右手一本で 天気が変わっちまった!!! すげぇぇぇぇぇ これが…オールマイト!!!
Manga: Boku no Hero Academia, 僕のヒーローアカデミア (Chapter 1)
  • Context: All Might punched a villain so hard it started raining. (seriously.)
  • migite ippon de
    tenki ga kawacchimatta!!!

    右手一本で 天気が変わっちまった!!!
    He changed the weather with just his right arm!!!
    • Literally:
      With one right arm the weather ended up changed!!!
    • ippon 一本
      One cylindrical object. (one arm, in this case.)
  • sugeeeeee
  • kore ga...
    Ooru Maito!!!

    This [is]... All Might!!!

ね Particle

Sometimes, nee ねえ is a longer form of the ne ね particle, which is generally used to seek agreement.

koroseru to ii desu nee, sotsugyou made ni
Manga: Assassination Classroom, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 暗殺教室 (Chapter 1, 暗殺の時間)
  • Context: a tentacle monster destroys the moon and will destroy the Earth next year unless his class of assassin students manage to kill him before then.
  • koroseru to ii desu nee
    If able to kill: good, right?
    It would be good if [you] could [manage to] kill me, don't you agree?
  • sotsugyou made ni
    Until graduation. (i.e. within one year.)


Sometimes, the nee ねえ particle is used as an interjection, to call someone's attention.

ねえ、西方。 な、何!?高木さん!? 何してんの? 別に・・・何も・・・ ふーん。
Manga: Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san からかい上手の高木さん (Chapter 1, 消しゴム)
  • Context: Takagi 高木 catches Nishikata 西片 acting suspiciously.
  • nee, Nishikata.
    Hey, Nishikata.
  • na, nani!? Takagi-san!?
    W-what [is it]?! Takagi!?
  • nani shite-n-no?
    What are [you] doing?
  • betsuni... nanimo...
    Nothing... in particular...
  • fuun.
    *suspicious humming of doubt.*

Sometimes, nee 姉 means oneesan お姉さん, "older sister." Similarly, nii 兄 would be oniisan お兄さん, "older brother."

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