Sunday, November 10, 2019

onbinkei 音便形

In Japanese onbinkei 音便形 is a verb form that has been affected by onbin 音便, by changes in pronunciation. This term is used to distinguish between the original forms and forms that were changed due to euphony.

In general, onbin seems to affect only the ren'youkei 連用形 form of verbs when they come before the jodoushi 助動詞 ~ta ~た and ~te ~て, so you have the normal ren'youkei, and the onbinkei used before ~ta and ~te. For example:

The u-onbin also affects the ren'youkei form of i-adjectives. Their onbinkei are:
  • arigatou ありがとう
    The u-onbin of arigataku ありがたく.
  • tsuyou
    The u-onbin of tsuyoku 強く.
  • samuu
    The u-onbin of samuku 寒く.
  • yoroshuu よろしゅう
    The u-onbin of yoroshiku よろしく.

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