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Sunday, March 22, 2020


On the internet, orz (or OTL, OTZ, szo, among others) is someone on all fours, fallen on their knees with their hands on the floor. It's used when someone feels defeated, dejected or hopeless about something.

Sakuranomiya Maika 桜ノ宮苺香, orz.
Character: Sakuranomiya Maika 桜ノ宮苺香
Anime: Blend S, ブレンド・S (Episode 4)

In Japanese

In Japanese, orz is pronounced oruzu おるず, orutsu おるつ, ootsu おおつ, oo-aru-zhii おーあーるずぃー, among others.

The term shitsui-tai-zenkutsu 失意体前屈, "bending [one's] body [in] despair" is an umbrella term for orz and its variations. It comes from ritsui-tai-zenkutsu 立位体前屈, which is bending forward standing up, like before diving in a swimming poll, for example.

The term yotsunbai 四つん這い means the "on all fours" pose in general.

Some related words include:
  • ochikomu
    To feel down.
  • haibokukan
    Feeling of defeat.
  • make
    Loss. Defeat.

Character: Sawachika Eri 沢近愛理
Manga: School Rumble, スクールランブル (Chapter 48, Outrageous Fortune)
  • ma... maketa---...
    [I]... [I] lost...


For reference, some examples of orz in anime.

Tenma Gabriel White 天真=ガヴリール=ホワイト, orz.
Characte: Tenma Gabriel White 天真=ガヴリール=ホワイト
Manga: Gabriel DropOut, ガヴリールドロップアウト (Chapter 8)

Sullivan サリバン, Suzuki Iruma 鈴木入間, example of depressed vertical lines.
Left: Sullivan サリバン
Right: Suzuki Iruma 鈴木入間,
Anime: Mairimashita! Iruma-kun 魔入りました!入間くん (Episode 1)

Sakuranomiya Maika 桜ノ宮苺香, orz.
Character: Sakuranomiya Maika 桜ノ宮苺香
Anime: Blend S, ブレンド・S (Episode 4)
  • Theater spotlights are sometimes used to exaggerate the tragedy surrounding the character.

Kageyama Shigeo 影山茂夫, orz. Text reads chiin チーン, "ting," the sound of a bell.
Character: Kageyama Shigeo 影山茂夫
Anime: Mob Psycho 100 II (Season 2) (Episode 2)
  • chiin...
    Ting. The sound of a bell, specifically the ones tinged in a household Buddhist altars before praying for deceased family members. In anime, tinged when characters feel kinda dead inside.


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