Thursday, March 30, 2017


An OAV is an anime that was first made available through physical copies, that is, on discs, DVDs, Blu-rays, as opposed to having first aired on TV. The term stands for "Original Animation Video."

It's literally the same thing as OVA, Original Video Animation. The term OVA is more common than OAV, specially in Japan, probably because "AV" without the "O" normally means "adult video"—i.e. a "pornographic video"—in Japanese.

See the article about OVA for details.

If an anime is first sold as DVD/Blu-ray, then airs on TV, it's an OVA. If it airs on TV first, then is sold as discs, it's not OVA. If it's sold as disc, and never airs on TV, it's OVA. If the anime airs on TV, and then it's sold on discs, but the discs also include bonus content such as an extra episode, the anime is not OVA, but the extra content is OVA. If an anime is first available on the internet, it's ONA. If it's first available as a bonus in a limited edition manga volume, it's OAD.

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