Tuesday, December 26, 2017

H - Meaning in Japanese

In Japanese, the letter H stands for the word ecchi エッチ, and it means something along the lines of "sex," "sexy," "sexual," or even a bit "sexually perverted."

So the name of the manga and anime B-gata H-kei B型H系, for example, would mean "[blood] type B, perverted (ecchi) type [of character]." (in this case, B-gata refers to a superstition about personality, where people with type B blood are creative and cheerful, but irresponsible and impatient)

As for why H means ecchi, it's because the name of the letter H in English is "aitch." And when "aitch" is katakanized, it becomes ecchi.

It's originally the reverse: the word ecchi is the one that comes from the letter H. And it comes from the letter H because it's the first letter in the romaji of the word hentai 変態, which's used to call someone a "pervert," among other things.

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