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yukadon 床ドン

In Japanese, yukadon 床ドン is when a guy is over a girl on the floor and places his hands on the floor, or vice-versa. It's a flirting trope seen in romance fiction in general, but the term can be used to refer to the act even when flirting isn't involved.

Literally, yukadon is a kabedon 壁ドン about hitting the "floor," yuka 床, rather than the "wall," kabe 壁. In both words, don ドン is an onomatopoeia for the *thud* sound that comes from hitting the wall or the floor with your hands.

Kohaku コハク, and Senkuu 千空, example of yukadon 床ドン.
Top: Kohaku コハク
Bottom: Senkuu 千空
Anime: Dr. Stone, ドクターストーン (Episode 10, Stitch, Altered)


For reference, a couple examples of yukadon.

"Night," Yoru 夜, Bam, Rachel ラヘル, example of yukadon 床ドン.
Top: "Night," Yoru 夜, Bam
Bottom: Rachel ラヘル
Anime: "Tower of God," Kami no Tou 神之塔 (Episode 1)

Atsushi "Yukadon" Fujimura

Fun fact: one of the best Street Fighter players, Atsushi Fujimura, used to go by the nickname of "Yukadon." This nickname was based on attacks that hit the "floor," yuka 床, like the Viper's Seismic Hammer.

However, using the term yukadon to refer to the pinning a girl (or guy) to the floor got popular, and people started thinking Fujimura's nickname was about flirting with girls rather than smashing the floor. This led him to stop using the nickname and going by his surname instead.

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