Wednesday, February 21, 2018

nonke ノンケ (LGBT Slang)

In Japanese, nonke ノンケ means "straight," as in a "heterosexual" person. It's an LGBT slang.

It's the katakanization of "non" in English, as in "not something," non ノン, and the ke ケ part comes from ki 気, which means a lot of things, but in this case it'd be like "intention." In order words: someone who is nonke is someone who does "not feel like it," sono ki ga nai その気がない.

The word nonke is usually written with katakana, but it may also be written with kanji as nonke ノン気, not to be confused with nonki 暢気, which means "carefree."

Since nonke is a slang it's not always used to say "heterosexual (person)" in Japanese, the more official way would be iseiaisha 異性愛者. It's easy to guess what this word means, given the meaning of its kanji literally spell "different-sex-love-person." To say "heterosexuality" in Japanese, the term would be iseiai 異性愛. (this is the same i as in isekai 異世界, by the way)

In fiction, among the shipping labels BL (boys love), GL (girls love), etc. NL is sometimes said to stand for "nonke love," nonke rabu ノンケラブ, i.e. "straight love."

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