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Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Peachification, in Japanese Piichi-hime-ka ピーチ姫化, literally "turning into Princess Peach," is the term for turning characters into Princess Peach-like characters by putting a Super Crown on them.

Also spelled peachfication or peach-fication.

See Bowsette and Other Princesses for reference.

The peachification of Bowser to Bowsette, as illustrated by Ayyk92
(comic source: ayyk92 at deviantart)

Peachification overlaps with rule 63, or "gender-swap (to female)," nyotaika 女体化, and "turning something into a cute anime girl," moe anthropormophism, and, since Super Mario characters are game monsters, it overlaps with monster girls too.

Regarding the Japanese grammar, it's the same as nyotaika, making use of the suru する verb:
  • Piichi-hime-ka shita Kuppa ピーチ姫化したクッパ
    Peachified Bowser.
  • Nyotai-ka shita Kuppa 女体化したクッパ
    Woman-body-fied Bowser.
    Gender-bent Bowser (to female only, nantaika 男体 is to male.)

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