Monday, October 22, 2018

kono yarou この野郎

In Japanese, kono yarou この野郎 means basically "this bastard." Most of the time it's used when a character is swearing and angry at what another character did, but it can also be used when a character is surprised and in disbelief or shock, too.

Grammatically, it's the pronoun kono この, "this," plus the word yarou 野郎, which just really means "guy," but since it's often used in swearing, it's often gets translated as "bastard" instead. See: swearing with kono for details.

Manga: Zatch Bell!, Konjiki no Gash!! 金色のガッシュ!! (Chapter 5, 道具か人間か!?)
  • ii kagen ni shi-yagare,
    • [That's enough],
    • [Stop that],
    • [Cut it off],
  • kono yarou!!!
    [You bastard]!!!
kosoado kotoba こそあど言葉

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