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iru いる, 要る - To Need

WIP : this article is incomplete and might change in the unforeseeable future.
In Japanese, iru いる, also spelled iru 要る, means "to need," or rather, it means "to be necessary" for something or by someone.

This iru to be confused with the iru いる that means "to exist." Or with the other iru いる.

Some usage examples. Note that sentences containing iru いる are often double subject constructions (~には~がいる).
  • watashi niwa {okane ga iru}
    {Money is necessary} is true for me.
    I need money.
  • {kau} no niwa {okane ga iru}
    {Money is necessary} is true for the act of {buying}.
    To buy, money is necessary.
    It takes money to buy [something].
  • {kangaeru} jikan ga iru
    Time {to think} is necessary.
    [I] need time {to think}.
  • sonna mono ga iranai!
    Something like that isn't necessary!
    [I] don't need something like that!
  • sonna mon iranee ttsuu no!
    [I'm] telling [you], [we] don't need something that!
  • iran!
    Don't need [it]!
    • Not to be confused with Iran イラン, the middle-eastern country.
  • boku niwa kimi ga iru
    I need you. (often in the romantic sense.)
  • boku wa {iranai} ningen nanda
    I'm an {unnecessary} human.
    I'm not needed.
    • Often used by suicidal or mentally unhealthy characters. Implies they aren't wanted by anyone, or have been discarded, thrown away for they aren't necessary.

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