Sunday, November 3, 2019

desu shi ですし

In Japanese, desushi ですし is the polite copula desu です plus the shi し particle. It works the same way as dashi だし, which has the plain copula da instead.
  • tetsudatte-kuremasu ka?
    Will [you] help [me]?
  • ii desu yo, douse hima desu shi
    Fine, since [I] have nothing to do anyway.

The only different, as usual, is when dealing with i-adjectives.
  • kawaii shi
    Since [it] is cute.
  • kawaii desu shi
    (polite variant of the above.)
  • kawaii da shi
    (this is wrong, because da だ can't come immediately after an i-adjective, even though desu です can.)

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  1. Hi!! I just want to say thank you for this :)
    I'm learning Japanese because I love anime and your site is very helpful. Keep up the good work!