Monday, August 22, 2016

wareware 我々

In Japanese, wareware means "we," or "us." It's a plural reduplication of the first person pronoun ware. The word wareware tends to be used to refer to us as individuals members of a group, or of an organization.

  • Context: a wild ufo appears.
  • wareware wa uchuujin desu
    We are aliens.
我々のボスがあなたの体に興味を持ったようです 俺オトコに興味ねーぞ・・・ いや違います先生
Manga: One Punch Man, Wanpanman ワンパンマン (Chapter 9)
  • Context: a caped baldy with extreme strength is targeted by an evil organization. He interrogates one the bad guys concerning why they're after him.
  • {wareware no bosu ga
    anata no karada ni
    kyoumi wo motta}
    you desu

    It seems {our boss had interest in your body}.
    • wareware no
      Our. In this case, the speaker is one of many members of an organization, and he's referring these members' boss.
  • ore, otoko ni kyoumi nee zo...
    I don't have interest in men...
  • iya, chigaimasu, sensei
    No, [you got it wrong], master.
    • They aren't "interested" as in "attracted," they are "interested" in why he's so physically powerful.

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