Wednesday, January 31, 2018

How to Say "Furry" in Japanese

Something which is "furry," the adjective, is kedarake 毛だらけ, literally "full of fur."

The term for furry characters in manga and anime and anthropomorphic characters based on animals is kemono ケモノ. Generally, the term "beast ears," kemonomimi 獣耳 is associated with characters that only feature animal ears.

The term kemono also refers to furry art in general.

Finally, a furry in Japanese, as in someone who likes furry art, is called a kemonaa ケモナー, which would be a kemono-er, a kemoner, kemoneer, or something like that.

Manga: Kemono Michi けものみち (Chapter 1)
  • Kemonaa Masuku da ga
    [I] am Kemoner Mask, however.
    [My name] is Kemoner Mask, however.
Note that the generic term for "anthropomorphization" is gjinka 擬人化 in Japanese.

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