Friday, February 2, 2018

"Trap" in Japanese

In Japanese, a "trap" of the sort setup by someone to cause harm is called wana 罠. Specifically, a hole in the ground is an otoshiana 落とし穴, literally "hole to drop (someone) into." And kind of "setup" of a device, trap or not, is called a shikake 仕掛け.

The katakanization of "trap," torappu トラップ, is used to refer to a number of things that are called "trap" in English, including the music genre, "trap," the soccer move, to "trap" a ball, any device which may be called a "trap," and, also, from Yu-gi-oh, a "trap card" woudd be called a torappu kaado トラップカード, but sometimes written with the kanji for wana 罠 instead, as torappu kaado 罠カード.

A "trap" in regards to a "boy who looks like a girl" in Japanese would be called an otokonoko 男の娘. A reverse-trap, a "girl who looks like a boy," would be an onnanoko 雄んなの子.

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