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Boob Window

In anime, when a girl's clothes for some reason has a hole in the middle of the chest that lets show her breasts, the term for that in Japanese is tanima hooru 谷間ホール, literally "cleavage hole." In English, it's usually called "cleavage window," or "boob window."

A single word term for it is "keyhole." Sometimes, it's also called a "peekaboo."

Kanroji Mitsuri 甘露寺蜜璃, example of "cleavage window," tanima hooru 谷間ホール.
Character: Kanroji Mitsuri 甘露寺蜜璃
Anime: Kimetsu no Yaiba 鬼滅の刃 (Episode 22, After-Credits Scene)


For reference, some examples:

Pirotessa ピロテース, example of "dark elf," daaku erufu ダークエルフ.
Character: Pirotessa ピロテース
Anime: Lodoss-tou Senki, ロードス島戦記 (Episode 9)
  • Context: a dark elf, daaku erufu ダークエルフ.
  • erufu-mimi
    Elf ears.
Shera L. Greenwood シェラ・L・グリーンウッド, and Rem Galeu レム・ガレウ, example of elf and cat girl, respectively.
Left: Shera L. Greenwood シェラ・L・グリーンウッド
Right: Rem Galeu レム・ガレウ
Anime: Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu 異世界魔王と召喚少女の奴隷魔術 (Episode 1)
Toa トア, example of cleavage window.
Character: Toa トア
Anime: Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu 月が導く異世界道中 (Episode 5)

China Dress

One type of clothing that often features a cleavage hole is a "china dress," in Japanese: chaina-doresu チャイナドレス, whose technical name in English is "cheongsam," from the Chinese word chángshān 長衫.(長衫)

Konoe Subaru 近衛スバル, in a china dress, example of cleavage window.
Character: Konoe Subaru 近衛スバル
Anime: Mayo Chiki! まよチキ! (Episode 6, Stitch)
Arisa Ahokainen 有紗・アホカイネン wearing a china dress, チャイナドレス, next to Mayonaka Matome 万世架まとめ and Denkigai Niwaka 伝木凱にわか.
Left: Mayonaka Matome 万世架まとめ
Middle: Arisa Ahokainen 有紗・アホカイネン
Right: Denkigai Niwaka 伝木凱にわか
Anime: Akiba's Trip The Animation (Episode 2)
The design of Lei-Lei, レイレイ, also known as Hsien-Ko, includes overly long sleeves.
Character: Lei-Lei, レイレイ, Hsien-Ko
Anime: Vampire Hunter (1997, OVA) (Episode 2, Collage)
  • moe-sode
    A term for overly long sleeves that cover one's hands, or, in this case, claws..


    oppai おっぱい

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