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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Soap Bubbles Background

In manga and anime, a background decorated with light shapes similar to "soap bubbles," shabon-dama シャボン玉, is generally used to create a calming, endearing or romantic mood.

Often, such bubbles are drawn using dots.

元気・・・・・・出して下さいね? よしよし よかったねーあっくん なでなで ・・・優しさがつらい・・・
Manga: Aho Girl, Aho Gāru アホガール (Volume 1, Chapter 3, Page 26)


For reference, some examples:

元気・・・・・・出して下さいね? よしよし よかったねーあっくん なでなで ・・・優しさがつらい・・・
Manga: Aho Girl, Aho Gāru アホガール (Volume 1, Chapter 3, Page 26)
  • Context: Akkun あっくん, who doesn't have friends, makes his first friends.
  • genki...... dashite kudasai ne?
    [Cheer up,] okay?
  • yoshi yoshi
    [There there].
  • yokatta nee Akkun
    [Isn't that great,] Akkun.
  • nadenade
    *pat pat*
  • ...yasashisa ga tsurai...
    ...kindness [hurts]...

いつか源蔵様を味見させてはもらえませんか?(食欲的な意味で) (性的な意味で)味見か・・・・・・ お お前が大人になってからな?
Manga: Kemono Michi けものみち (Chapter 5)
  • Context: Hanako 花子, a voracious dragon girl, wants to devour Shibata Genzou 柴田源蔵.
  • itsuka Genzou-sama wo ajimi sasete wa moraemasen ka? (shokuyoku-teki na imi de)
    Genzou-sama, someday won't [you] let [me] have a taste of [you]? (in the appetite sense.)
  • (sei-teki na imi de) ajimi ka......
    (In the sexual sense) have a taste, huh......
  • o, omae ga otona ni natte kara na?
    お お前が大人になってからな?
    A... after you become an adult, okay?

離れろよオイ!! 命って呼んでよぉ~ アタシ強い男好きなんだよね~~♡ 超ドMだしィ~~ 知らねーよ!いいから離れろ!!
Manga: Saiki Kusuo no Psi-Nan, 斉木楠雄のΨ難 (Chapter 163, オーラΨ(サイ)トをかいくぐれ!)
  • hanarero yo oi!!
    Let go of [me], hey!!
  • Mikoto tte yonde yoo~~
    Call me Mikoto~~
  • atashi tsuyoi otoko suki nanda yo ne~~♡
    I like strong men~~♡
  • chou do-emu dashii~~
    [I] am a ultra, super masochist~~
  • shiranee yo! ii kara hanarero!!
    [I don't care!] [Just] let go of [me]!!


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