Tuesday, April 30, 2019

nakadashi 中出し

NSFW: this article may contain words or images you'd rather not have your boss see.
In Japanese, nakadashi 中出し means literally "releasing inside," but it's often used as a sexual term: "ejaculating inside," or "internal ejaculation."

Basically, it means ejaculating during intercourse without a condom, inside the partner's body. The opposite is sotodashi 外出し, "releasing outside."

Some dictionaries translate nakadashi as "intravaginal ejaculation," or "creampie," however, it's not exactly the same thing. The word nakadashi means just "inside," it isn't necessarily inside the vagina, it isn't necessarily semen that's being released inside, and it' isn't necessarily sexual at all.

But normally it's sexual, it's semen, and it's in the vagina.

Unambiguously, the term would be chitsu-nai shasei 膣内射精, "vagina-inside ejaculation."

その印持ってるヤツからの中出しです 3日楽しみたい場合はパートナーとゴムありでやってくださいねっていう いやー セーフティーだな~中出し解呪で何がセーフティーだ!!ほんとだ
  • Context: in this doujinshi, a guy's friend is cursed with a womb tattoo, temporarily falling in love with him, while the guy gets a mark on his hand (not pictured). It will go away in 3 days, but he wants to know the method to dispel it immediately.
  • sono shirushi motteru yatsu kara no nakadashi desu
    The "internal ejaculation" of the guy who has that mark (on hand).
  • (wut.)
  • mikka tanoshimitai baai wa paatonaa to gomu-ari de yattekudasai ne tteiu
    If [you] want to enjoy the three days, please do it with your partner with a condom, [okay], [is what it means].
  • iyaa
    *interjection of amazement*
  •  seefuthii da na~
    It's safety, isn't it~
  • nakadashi kaiju de nani ga sefuthii da!!
    By dispelling the curse by internal ejaculation, [what part of it] is safety!!
    • kaiju 解呪
      Dispelling a curse. "Open curse." 
  • honto da
    [Yeah,] really.

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