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Sex-Related Terms

NSFW: this article may contain words or images you'd rather not have your boss see.
WIP: this article is incomplete and might change in the unforeseeable future.
A lot of manga and anime feature sex-related jokes, or dirty jokes, "low jokes," shimoneta 下ネタ, besides those that are simply sexual in nature, like of the ecchi and hentai genres. So, for reference, a list of sex-related Japanese vocabulary.


Let's start with the technical terms for sex-related anatomy. This is mostly the NSFW continuation of the full article about Body Parts.

The words for the genitalia in Japanese:
  • seiki 性器
    Sex organ.
    • sei- 性~
    • -ki ~器
      Organ. Device. Instrument.
  • danseiki 男性器
    Male sex organ.
    • dansei 男性
      Male. Men.
  • joseiki 女性器
    Female sex organ.
    • josei 女性
      Female. Women.
  • naiseiki 内性器
    Internal sex organ.
  • gaiseiki 外性器
    External sex organ.
  • seishoku 生殖
  • seishokuki 生殖器
    Reproductive organ. Genital.
  • inbu 陰部
    Genital area.
    • in 陰 means "unseen" and bu 部 means "part." So the term is literally "private parts."

Parts of the male sexual organ:
  • inkei 陰茎
  • kitou 亀頭
    inkei kitou 陰茎亀頭
    Glans. Glans penis.
  • kari-kubi カリ首
    kari カリ
    inkei kitoukan 陰茎亀頭冠
    inkei kitoukou 陰茎亀頭溝
    Penis crown. Corona of glans penis.
  • inkei houhi 陰茎包皮
    houhi 包皮
    Foreskin. (male only.)
    Prepuce. (both sexes.)
    • hifu 皮膚
    • kawa
      Skin. Hide. Pelt.
  • inkei shoutai 陰茎小帯
    Penile frenulum.
  • inkei kyaku 陰茎脚
    Crus of penis.
    • Since ashi 脚 means "legs," this is literally the "penis' legs."
  • inkei wana jintai 陰茎ワナ靭帯
    Fundiform ligament of the penis.
  • seinou 精嚢
    Seminal vesicle. Seminal glands.
  • shaseikan 射精管
    Ejaculatory duct.
  • zenritsusen 前立腺
    Prostate gland.
  • nyoudou kyuusen 尿道球腺
    kaupaasen カウパー腺
    Bulbourethral gland. "Cowper's gland​." "Urine path ball gland."
  • seikan 精管
    yuseikan 輸精管
    Seminal duct. Vas deferens. Ductus deferens.
  • seikan boudaibu 精管膨大部
    Ampulla of ductus deferens.
  • seisou 精巣
    • Contrary to popular belief, semen isn't stored in the testicles.
    • Sperm is stored in the testicles.
    • Semen is 5% sperm, 95% other stuff.
    • Pee isn't stored in the testicles either.
  • kougan 睾丸
    • Another term for testicle.
    • Note that maru 丸 means "round," while su 巣 means "nest," so you could say one comes from its form and the other from its function. So, for example, toward animals whose testicles don't resemble balls, kougan wouldn't be used.
  • in'nou 陰嚢
  • seisou shouyou 精巣小葉
    Lobules of testis.
  • seisoumou 精巣網
    Rete testis.
  • seisou joutai 精巣上体
  • seisou yushutsukan 精巣輸出管
    Efferent ducts.
  • seisaikan 精細管
    Seminiferous tubule.
  • chuujinkan 中腎管
    whorufukan ウォルフ管
    Mesonephric duct. "Walffian duct"

Parts of the female sexual organ:
  • gaiinbu 外陰部
    gaiin 外陰
    "External genital area." Vulva.
    • baruba バルバ
      varuva ヴァルヴァ
      "Vulva." (generally not used.)
  • inretsu 陰裂
    Pudendal cleft.
  • inkaku 陰核
    intei 陰梃
    • kuritorisu クリトリス
    • inkaku houhi 陰核包皮
      Clitoral hood. "Clitoral prepuce."
    • inkaku kitou 陰核亀頭
      Clitoral glans.
    • inkaku shoutai 陰核小帯
      Clitoral frenulum.
  • inshin 陰唇
    • shouinshin 小陰唇
      Labia minora.
    • daiinshin 大陰唇
      Labia majora.
  • zenteikyuu 前庭球
    Vestibular bulb. Clitoral bulbs
  • inkakukyaku 陰核脚
    Crus of clitoris. "Clitoris' legs."
  • chitsu
    • The "vagina" is an internal tube connecting the uterus to the outside of the body.
    • In English, a lot of people use the term "vagina" to refer to the vulva, which is technically not the same thing as the vagina.
    • vagina ヴァギナ
      wagina ワギナ
  • chitsukou 膣口
    Ostium of the vagina. "Vaginal opening."
  • shojomaku 処女膜
    • The word shojo 処女 means a female "virgin," and maku 膜 means a "membrane." So this term means literally "virgin membrane."
    • Despite popular belief held in dozens of countries worldwide and through history, a virgin doesn't necessarily have an intact hymen: it can tear and rip apart for countless reasons.
    • Of course 21st century Japanese doctors know this.
    • Even so, shojomaku is still the formal term for "hymen" in Japanese. It's not a slang.
    • By the way, "hymen" comes from the Greek humēn, which means "membrane," and has nothing to do with virgins.
  • chitsuengai 膣円蓋
    Vaginal fornix.
  • shikyuu 子宮
    Uterus. Womb.
    • For the "womb tattoo" trope, see inmon 淫紋, "lewd crest."
  • shikyuukei 子宮頸 (or 子宮頚)
    shikyuukeibu 子宮頸部 (or 子宮頚部)
    Cervix. Cervix uteri. "Uterus neck (region)."
    • gaishikyuukou 外子宮口
      External os. "External uterine orifice."
    • nashikyuukou 内子宮口
      Internal os. "Internal uterine orifice."
    • shikyuu chitsubu 子宮腟部
      Vaginal portion of the cervix. Ectocervix.
  • shikyuutai 子宮体
    Corpus. "Body of the uterus."
    • shikyuukuu 子宮腔
      Uterine cavity.
    • shikyuutei 子宮底
      Fundus. "Bottom of the uterus." (this is actually at the top of the uterus, in the same sense the "bottom" of the barrel is actually at the top of the barrel if it's upside-down.)
  • shikyuuheki 子宮壁
    shikyuu no kabe 子宮の壁
    Uterine wall.
    • shikyuu naimaku 子宮内膜
      Endometrium. "Uterus internal membrane."
    • shikyuu kinsou 子宮筋層
      Myometrium. "Uterus muscle layer."
    • shikyuu shoumaku 子宮漿膜
      shikyuu gaimaku 子宮外膜
      Perimetrium. "Uterus serous/external membrane."
  • yurankan 輸卵管
    rankan 卵管
    Fallopian tube. "Oviducts." Uterine tubes. Salpinges.
    • rankou boudaibu 卵管膨大部
      Ampulla of the uterine tube.
    • rankan routo 卵管漏斗
      Infundibulum of the uterine tube.
    • rankansai 卵管采
      Fimbria of the uterine tube.
  • ransou 卵巣
  • jii-supotto Gスポット
    G-spot. Gräfenberg spot.
  • buroturinsen バルトリン腺
    Bartholin's gland. Greater vestibular glands.
  • sukiinsen スキーン腺
    shouzenteisen 小前庭腺
    bounyoudousen 傍尿道腺
    Skene's gland

Shared anatomy:
  • nyoudou 尿道
    • Literally "urine," nyou 尿, "path," michi 道.
  • nyoudoukou 尿道口
    "Urethral opening." External urethral orifice. Urinary meatus.
  • boukou 膀胱
    Urinary bladder.
  • kaimentai 海綿体
    Corpus cavernosum.
    Corpus spongiosum. "Sponge body."
  • shoutai 小帯
    Frenulum. "Small band."

Nearby anatomy:
  • kokan 股間
  • inmou 陰毛
    chimou 恥毛
    Pubic hair.
  • seimou 性毛
    Body hair. "Sex hair." (hair that develops after puberty.)
    Androgenic hair. (from androgen, the hormone.)
  • shiri
    denbu 臀部
  • ein 会陰
  • chikyuu 恥丘
    viinasu no oka ヴィーナスの丘
    Pubic mound. Mons pubis.
    Mons Venus. "Mound of Venus."
  • koumon 肛門
    • koumon katsuyaku-kin 肛門括約筋
      Anal sphincter. (muscle.)
  • chokuchou 直腸
  • esu-jou kecchou S状結腸
    esu-ji kecchou S字結腸
    Sigmoid colon. "S-shaped" colon. "S-letter" colon.

Not nearby, but relevant nonetheless:
  • mune
  • chibusa 乳房
  • nyuurin 乳輪
  • chikubi 乳首
  • nyuutou 乳頭


Japanese, like any other language in the world, also has a number of non-technical terms, colloquialisms, slangs, metonyms, vulgar words, and profanities that refer to body parts, specially the genitals.
  • zokugo 俗語
    Colloquialism. Slang.
  • ingo 隠語
    Jargon. Slang.
  • higo 卑語
    Swear words.
  • surangu スラング

The most important of such words are the ones that actually have some completely normal and innocent meaning, since those are the ones found in most dirty jokes in anime.

Let's start with the most basic words:
  • asoko あそこ
    "There." May refer to the genital area, down there, private parts, etc.
  • nyoudou 尿道
    Urethra. "Urine path." (technical.)
    • nyou 尿
  • oshikko no ana おしっこの穴
    "Pee hole."
    • oshikko おしっこ


  • chibusa 乳房
    Breasts. (technical.)
  • mune
  • chichi
    This word technically means "milk," but can also refer to "breasts."
  • oppai おっぱい
    "Maternal milk," specifically in the sense of breastfeeding babies, but can also mean "breasts," "boobs," "tits," etc.
  • dekapai デカパイ
    kyonyuu 巨乳
    bakunyuu 爆乳
    Large breasts.
  • chippai チッパイ
    hin'nyuu 貧乳
    binyuu 微乳
    Small breasts.
  • sentakuita 洗濯板
    Washboard. (as in flat as a board.)
    • sentaku 洗濯
    • The shape of a washboard resembles the ribs at the center of a flat chest.


  • denbu 臀部
    Gluteal region. (technical.)
  • shiri
    oshiri お尻
  • ketsu ケツ
    • Note:
    • ana
      (kun'yomi reading.)
    • ketsu
      (on'yomi reading.)
  • koumon 肛門
  • shiriana 尻穴
    shiri no ana 尻の穴
    ketsumedo 尻穴
  • ketsu ana ケツ穴
    ketsu no ana ケツの穴
    • In Gintama 銀魂, the name of the character Ketsuno Ana 結野アナ is a pun on the word for asshole in Japanese.
  • anusu アヌス
  • anaru アナル
    "Anal." (e.g. sex.)
    Anus. (the body part.)
    • You read that right, in Japanese, "anal" also means "anus." Example:
    • anaru wa iriguchi janai
      The anal isn't... (wrong.)
      The anus isn't an entrance. (it's an exit.)
  • ari no towatari 蟻の門渡り
    towatari 門渡り
    "The entrance-traversing of ants."
    • Because the perineum forms an ant-line-like line between one hole (genitals) and another (anus).
    • to
    • wataru 渡る
      To cross over. To traverse. (from one place to another.)


  • inkei 陰茎
    Penis. (technical.)
  • penisu ペニス
  • chinchin ちんちん (or チンチン)
    Penis. Wiener. (children's language.)
    • ochinchin おちんちん (or おチンチン)
      Penis.(polite prefix.)
    • The word chinchin, without the o- prefix, also refers to a dog trick in which the dog puts its two front paws up plus a dozen other things.
  • chinko チンコ
    ochinko おチンコ
    Penis. Dick. (vulgar.)
  • chinpo チンポ
    ochinpo おチンポ
    Penis. Cock. (more vulgar.)
  • chinbou ちんぼう
    chinpou ちんぽう
    chinboko ちんぼこ
    chinpoko ちんぽこ
    chinpokko ちんぼっこ
    Penis. (other variants.)

Also note this verb:
  • tsuku 付く
    To attach. (literally)
    • To have [a penis] attached.
    • To have a penis.

あの その ついてるんですか?
Manga: Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai ~Tensai-Tachi no Ren'ai Zunousen~ かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~ (Chapter 27)
  • ano, sono
    あの その
  • tsuiteru-n-desu ka?
    Is it attached?
    • Do you have a penis?


  • chitsu
    Vagina. (technical.)
  • nyoin 女陰 (or join)
    "Female genital." (some sources say this is the vulva, others that it's the vagina.)
  • manko マンコ
    omanko おマンコ
    Vagina. Pussy. (vulgar.)
    • manko suru マンコする
      To have sex.
  • omeko オメコ
    Vagina. Pussy. (used more in Kansai.)
  • pusshii プッシー
    • Also children's language for "cat."
    • But wait, this is English, you knew that right?
  • wareme 割れ目 (or ワレメ)
    Pudendal cleft. (slang.)
    • wareru 割れる
      To be parted, divided, split, cracked, etc.
    • wareme-chan ワレメちゃん
      (cutesy way of saying.)
  • mekosuji メコスジ
    Camel toe.
    • omeko no suji オメコのスジ
      The suji of an omeko.
    • mansuji マンスジ
    • suji スジ
      A "thin line." (besides dozens of other meanings.)
      Camel toe. (because of the line between the labia.)
    • The word mekosuji is sometimes abbreviated to just suji, and sometimes the adjective and noun switch places:
    • sujimeko スジメコ
      sujiman スジマン
      Camel toe vagina.

Sometimes, manko is attached to words for other body parts used in sexual intercourse. For example:
  • ketsu-manko ケツマンコ
    Ass-pussy. (anal sex.)
    • Originally a gay slang.
  • kuchi-manko 口マンコ
    Mouth-pussy. (oral sex.)
  • nodo-manko 喉マンコ
    Throat-pussy. (deep-throating.)
  • te-manko 手マンコ
    Hand-pussy. (handjob.)
  • ashi-manko 足マンコ
    Foot-pussy. (footjob.)


Sometimes, manko, chinko and chinpo can get censored in manga by replacing a kana with a circle ◯. In anime, it gets bleeped instead.

Generally speaking, manko is more likely to be censored because it can also mean "to have sex," manko suru, so it ends up being sexual, while chinko is only genital.

For reference:
  • マ◯コ, マン◯, おマ◯コ, おマン◯
    ま◯こ, まん◯, おま◯こ, おまん◯
    manko, manko, omanko, omanko.
  • チ◯コ, おチ◯コ
    ち◯こ, おち◯こ
    chinko, ochinko.
  • ◯ンポ, チ◯ポ, お◯ンポ, おチ◯ポ
    ◯んぽ, ち◯ぽ, お◯んぽ, おち◯ぽ
    chinpo, chinpo, ochinpo, ochinpo.
  • チン◯, おチン◯
    ちん◯, おちん◯
    chinko, ochinko, or chinpo, ochinpo.
  • ◯んこ, お◯んこ
    ◯ンコ, お◯ンコ
    chinko, ochinko or manko, omanko.

Since chinchin, ochinchin is not considered vulgar—it's children's language—it's normally not censored, but for the sake of completeness:
  • ◯んちん, ち◯ちん, ちん◯ん, ちんち◯
    ◯ンチン, チ◯チン, チン◯ン, チンチ◯
    chinchin, chinchin, chinchin, chinchin
  • お◯んちん, おち◯ちん, おちん◯ん, おちんち◯
    お◯ンチン, おチ◯チン, おチン◯ン, おチンチ◯
    ochinchin, ochinchin, ochinchin, ochinchin

Other Terms

There are dozens of other colloquialisms, analogies and slangs for sexual body parts.

Let's start with the obvious ones for the testicles:
  • tama
    Balls. Ball. (literally.)
    • Also a common name for a pet cat: tama タマ, for dog it's pochi ポチ, "spot."
  • kintama 金玉
    Golden balls.
    • In English, "jewels" are used similarly.
  • tamatama タマタマ
    Balls. (reduplicated plural.)
    • Body terms featuring plurality by reduplication, otete お手手, omeme お目目, are normally used when talking to little children, babies, or in rare cases when someone is being condescending, treating someone else like a baby. In this case, it's because some adult women think tamatama is a cute-ish way of referring to the "balls" of an adult man.

For penis:
  • sao 竿
    Stick. Pole.
  • nikusao 肉竿
    Meat stick.
  • bou
    Stick. Pole.
  • nikubou 肉棒
    Meat stick.

Some words that somehow also mean penis:
  • musuko 息子
    gusoku 愚息
    • Yes, "son," as in, not a daughter. Like "my son" is an innuendo for "my penis."
  • ichimotsu 一物
    "One thing."
    • That's what it means. "One thing."
    • Okay, it can also mean something you have "hidden," like in your chest, a secret, so maybe it comes from that meaning instead.
  • mono モノ (or 物)
    "Thing." (just "thing," like, "his thing," etc.)

Some words that don't mean penis, but get compared a lot:
  • kinoko キノコ (or 茸)
  • banana バナナ
  • sooseeji ソーセージ
  • uin'naa ウインナー
  • ottosei オットセイ
    Fur seal.
  • zou
    Elephant. (because of the trunk.)
  • manmosu マンモス

Painting of a woman eating a mushroom.
Anime: Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai 下ネタという概念が存在しない退屈な世界 (Episode 2)
  • A woman savoring a mushroom.

命名 ちん子
Manga: Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai ~Tensai-Tachi no Ren'ai Zunousen~ かぐや様は告らせたい~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~ (Chapter 27)
  • meimei chinko
    命名 ちん子
    Name: Chinko.
    • ko
      A common suffix in names of girls. Yuuko 優子, Hanako 花子, etc.

There are even pairings like this mountainous one:

Or this religious one:
  • mara 魔羅
    In Buddhism, mara is a demon that tempted the Buddha with visions of seducing women.
    (male genital.)
  • kan'non-sama 観音様
    Avalokiteśvara, the bodhisattva. Guanyin.
    (female genital.)

And of course, this militaristic one:
  • katana
    Sword. (penis)
  • saya
    Scabbard. (vagina)
  • The term "vagina" comes from Latin, in which it means "sheath" or the "scabbard" of a sword. Similarly, "gladius," which means "sword," was a term for penis.[Etymology of Abdominal Visceral Terms]

Terms for the female genitalia:
  • awabi
    Abalone. Ear shell. (from the shape of the vulva.)
  • mitsutsubo 蜜壷
    "Honeypot." (vagina.)

Notably, specifically in regards to sex:
  • meiki 名器
    Famed instrument/utensil. (an excellent vagina.)
    • Often in the sense of:
    • shimari ga ii 締まりがいい
      "The contraction is good."
      Good at contracting.
    • It can also mean "an excellent penis," apparently.

Specially because Japan has different weird terms for different types of "excellent vaginas," like:
  • mimizu senbiki ミミズ千匹
    One thousand worms. (from the texture of the vaginal walls.)
  • kazu-no-ko tenjou 数の子天井
    Ceiling of herring roe. (from the texture of the superior vaginal wall in missionary position.)
    • zarame ザラメ
    • kazu no ko 数の子
      Herring roe.
  • takotsubo タコツボ (or 蛸壺)
    Octopus pot. (a vagina which tightens on penetration.)
    • Octopus pots are pots used to capture octopuses, by the way. They're placed horizontally on the sea floor, and octopuses get into them because they like to hide and there aren't many places to hide into on the sea floor.
  • kinchaku 巾着
    Drawstring pouch. (a vagina that tightens entirely.)

Colloquialisms for the "clitoris," kuritorisu クリトリス, include:
  • kuri クリ
    Clit. Clitoris. (abbreviation)
    • kuri
      Chestnut. (also means clitoris because it's a homonym.)
    • kuri to risu 栗と栗鼠
      Chestnut and squirrel. (only means clitoris if it's a pun.)
    • kurichan クリちゃん
    • maron マロン
      Marron. Culinary name for chestnut. (also slang for clitoris.)
  • kurikuri クリクリ
    • okurikuri オクリクリ
  • kuritto クリット
  • mame
    • omame お豆
    • mamesan 豆さん
    • omamesan お豆さん
  • chikaku 恥核
    "Shame core." (core as in the solid center of something, the pit of a fruit, etc.)
  • nyoshin 女芯
    "Female core." (core as in the center of something.)
  • kashin 花芯
    "Flower core." (i.e. pistils and stamens.)

Other terms about the female genitalia:
  • hanabira 花びら
    Flower petals. (labia minora.)
    • birabira ビラビラ
  • poruchio ポルチオ
    "Portio" uteri. (ectocervix.)

Terms for the Mons pubis:
  • inpu 陰阜 (or inbu, infu)
    Mons pubis.
  • deruta デルタ
    "Delta." Mon pubis.
    • deruta chitai デルタ地帯
      "Delta zone." River delta.
    • A river delta is a landform created by sediment carried by a river toward stagnant water (e.g. a lake, sea, ocean.)
    • It's called "delta" because it's often shaped like a triangle, which's the shape of the Greek letter delta Δ.
    • Colloquially, when a girl wearing a mini-skirt sits on a chair, with her knees facing to you, the space toward her crotch between her thighs and skirt which forms an inverted triangle may be called "delta" in Japanese. [デルタ -, accessed 2019-04-26.]
    • And, similarly, the Mons pubis, which's on the crotch, is also called delta.
  • dote 土手
    • A bank of earth built to stop water, wind.
    • Since this "bank" is an elevated mound of earth, it ends up referring to the pubic mound too.
    • doteman ドテマン
  • moriman モリマン
    From moriagaru 盛り上がる, "to swell," "to bulge."

Other slangs for body parts:

In Japanese, bii-chiku B地区, literally "district B," is a slang for chikubi 乳首, "nipple."
Anime: Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai 下ネタという概念が存在しない退屈な世界 (Episode 1)
  • biichiku B地区
    "District B."
    Nipple. (because it's chikubi.)

With adjectives:
  • kyokon 巨根
    dekachin デカチン
    dekamara デカマラ
    kyochin 巨チン
    Large penis.
    • dekai デカイ
  • tanshou 短小
    "Short and small."
    • mijikai 短い
    • chiisai 小さい
  • sochin 粗チン
    Small penis.
    • somatsu 粗末
      Poor. Shabby.
  • yuruman ユルマン
    Loose vagina.
    • yurui 緩い
  • kitsuman キツマン
    Tight vagina.
    • kitsui きつい

Other related terms
  • paipan パイパン
    Having no pubic hair. (usually female.)
    • This term comes from Mahjong. (yes, really.)
    • In Japanese, the white dragon tile is called paipan 白板, pai means white, pan means board, so "whiteboard." That's not the normal reading of the kanji. The term is probably loaned from Chinese.
  • chinge ちん毛
    (male) pubic hair. "Penis hair."
  • mange マン毛
    (female) pubic hair. "Vagina hair."
  • kemeko 毛めこ
    Hairy vagina.
  • houkei 包茎
  • kyosei 去勢
    • Similar words:
    • kyousei 共生
      Living together.
    • kyousei-teki ni 強制的に


Menstruation, or period, is a thing that occurs periodically, like, per month, which in Latin is "mensis," which is also more or less how periodically the Moon goes around the Earth.
  • gekkei 月経
    Menstruation. (technical.)
    • getsu
    • tsuki
    • tatsu 経つ
      (for time) to pass.
    • gekkei-zen shoukougun 月経前症候群
      "Premenstrual Syndrome." PMS.
  • shochou 初潮
    shokei 初経
    First menstruation. Menarche.

Colloquially, it's also called:
  • seiri 生理
    • seiri-tsuu 生理痛
      Menstrual pain.
    • seiri-kikan 生理期間
      Menstrual interval.
    • seiribi 生理日
      Menstrual days.
    • seiri genshou 生理現象
      Physiological phenomenon.
  • mensu メンス
    "Mens." (German word for menstruation.)
  • onna no ko no hi 女の子の日
    Girl's day. Girl's days.

It's also called in some particularly ambiguous ways:
  • ano hi あの日
    That day. Those days.
  • are アレ
    • It's like Demiurge picked this.

As for the products for menstruation:
  • tanpon タンポン
    • apurikeetaa アプリケーター
  • napukin ナプキン
    "Napkin." (yes, just napkin.)
    Pad. Menstrual pad. Sanitary pad. Sanitary towel. Sanitary napkin.
  • gekkei kappu 月経カップ
    Menstrual cup.

Anime: Oshiete! Galko-chan おしえて! ギャル子ちゃん (Episode 2)
  • napukin-ha wa shojo,
    tanpon-ha wa hishojo tte
    hontou desu ka?

    Is it true that
    [those that prefer] pads are virgins,
    [those that prefer] tampons are non-virgins?
    • ha
      Having preference for [something]. (suffix.)


The word for erection in Japanese is:
  • bokki 勃起
    • Normally refers to the penis, but can also be clitoris, nipples.
    • Doesn't mean the "erection" a building.
  • bokki suru 勃起する
    To get erect.
  • tatsu 立つ
    To stand up. (general term.)
    • Sometimes spelled with ateji from the kanji of bokki 勃起.
    • tatsu 勃つ
      To stand erected.
      (for a penis) to be erect.
    • tatsu 起つ
      To rise up. (politically.)
      To get erect. (sexually.)

Related terms include:
  • tento wo haru テントを張る
    To put up a tent. (like in camping.)
    • Also to have an erection while wearing pants, because of the tent-like shape it makes.
  • yakan inkei bokki genshou 夜間陰茎勃起現象
    "Nocturnal Penis Erection Phenomenon."
    Nocturnal Penile Tumescence. NPT. (technical term.)
    • Also known as:
    • asadachi 朝立ち (or 朝勃ち, 朝起ち)
      Morning wood.
    • yorudachi 夜立ち (夜勃ち, 夜起ち)
      (if it happens at night.)
  • bokki fuzen 勃起不全
    "Incomplete erection."
    Erectile dysfunction.
    • ee-dhii イーディー
    • bokki kinou shougai 勃起機能障害
      bokki shougai 勃起障害
      "Erection function impediment."
    • in'i 陰萎
      Erectile impotence.
    • inpotentsu インポテンツ
    • inpo インポ
      (abbreviation, sometimes used derogatorily.)
    • inpo yarou!
      You impotent bastard! (or something like that.)


  • ekitai 液体
  • taieki 体液
    Bodily fluid.
  • nen'eki 粘液
  • seieki 性液
    Sexual fluid. (not a technical term, colloquialism.)
  • chi
    • chi ga deru 血が出る
      Blood leaves.
      To bleed.
    • shukketsu 出血
    • ketsueki 血液
      Blood. (anatomical sense.)
  • bonyuu 母乳
    Maternal milk.
    • bonyuu ga deru 母乳が出る
      (same idea.)
  • chikou 恥垢
    Smegma. (technical.)
  • chinkasu チンカス
    "Penis waste."
    • Sometimes used as a derogatory:
    • chikasu yarou!
      You smegma bastard! (what? This makes no sense in English.)
  • kurikasu クリカス
    "Clitoris waste."
  • mankasu マンカス
    "Vagina waste."
  • toumei 透明
    Clear. Transparent.
  • usui 薄い
    Thin. Watery.
  • koi 濃い
    Thick. Dense.


  • nyou 尿
    Urine. (technical.)
  • shouben 小便
    • daiben 大便
    • In a way, the naming is similar to "number 1" and "number 2" in English, except it's "small" (小) and "big" (大) in Japanese.
  • oshikko おしっこ
    shikko しっこ
    Pee. Piss.
    • In English there's a number of idioms involving the word "piss," like "piss off," "to be pissed," and so on that absolutely don't translate to the words for piss in Japanese.
  • hainyou 排尿
    Urination. "Urine expelling."
  • hounyou 放尿
    Urination. "Urine release."
  • hainyou suru 排尿する
    hounyou suru 放尿する
    To urinate.
  • oshikko suru おしっこする
    To pee.
  • shikkin 失禁
    Incontinence. (technical.)
  • omorashi お漏らし
    Incontinence. Wetting one's pants. (children's language)
    • morasu 漏らす
      To leak. (transitive.)


Semen is a liquid composed by sperm and other stuff.
  • seieki 精液
    seisui 精水
    • seieki saishu 精液採取
      Semen collection.
  • seishi 精子
    • seishi banku 精子バンク
      Sperm bank.
  • seishou 精漿
    Everything that's not sperm in the semen.
    • zenritsusen-eki 前立腺液
      Prostatic fluid.
    • seinou-bunpitsu-eki 精嚢分泌液
      Seminal vesicle secretion.
    • nyoudou-kyuusen-eki 尿道球腺液
      kaupaasen'eki カウパー腺液
      Pre-ejaculate. Cowper's fluid. "Cowper's gland fluid."

Note that a lot of people don't know the difference between the two and they will mistake "semen" for "sperm" and vice-versa, both in English and in Japanese.

Slangs for "pre-cum," pre-ejaculate, include:
  • kaupaa カウパー
    "Cowper." (fluid.)
  • gaman-jiru 我慢汁
    "Endurance juice." "Patience-juice."
    • gaman suru 我慢する
      To endure. To have patience.

Semen is sometimes likened to white drinks, like:
  • miruku ミルク
  • yooguruto ヨーグルト
  • kefia ケフィア
  • karupisu カルピス
    Calpis. (Japanese soft drink.)

By its smell:
  • ika-kusai イカ臭い
    Squid smelling.
    • This analogy was brought to you by a country that eats a lot of seafood.

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is also composed by a bunch of things.
  • chitsu bunpitsueki 膣分泌液
    Vaginal discharge.
    • chitsu-eki 膣液
      Vaginal fluid.
  • sukiinsen-eki スキーン腺液
    Skene's gland secretion.
  • barutorinsen-eki バルトリン腺液
    Bartholin's gland secretion.
  • shikyuukeikan nen'eki 子宮頚管粘液
    Cervical mucus. "Cervical canal mucus."

The amount of fluid discharged increases while sexually aroused.
  • nureru 濡れる
    To get wet. (intransitive.)
    • nurasu 濡らす
      To wet. (transitive.)

There's a term specifically for vaginal discharge while not aroused:
  • orimono オリモノ (or 下り物)
    "Falling thing." (normal vaginal discharge.)
    • Synonyms:
    • koshike こしけ
    • taige 帯下

Slangs include:
  • aieki 愛液
    "Love fluid."
  • manjiru マン汁
    "Pussy juice."
  • rabu juusu ラブジュース
    "Love juice." (may also mean semen.)


  • jii 自慰
    jidoku 自涜
  • jibun wo nagusameru 自分を慰める
    To console oneself. (literally.)
    To masturbate. (idiom.)
  • masutaabeeshon マスターベーション
    masu マス
    "Masturbation." (katakanization.)
  • hitori-ecchi 一人エッチ
    Sex alone.
  • senzuri 千摺り
    (male) masturbation.
    • suru 摺る
      To rub. (suri, "rubbing," -zuri ~ズリ is rendaku.)
    • So it means "to rub one out," basically.
    • manzuri マンズリ
      (female) masturbation.
    • paizuri パイズリ
      "Boob-rubbing." Boob-job.
    • chikubizuri 乳首ズリ
  • onanii オナニー
    Masturbation. (from Onan, son of Judah, from the Bible.)
    • onanii suru オナニーする
      onaru オナる
      To masturbate.
    • onanizumu オナニズム
      Onanism. Masturbation.
      Indulging in self-pleasure instead of doing something properly. (e.g. in sports, arts, etc.)
    • onakin オナ禁
      Masturbation "ban." Abstaining from masturbating for some reason for a period of time.
    • onahooru オナホール
      onaho オナホ
      "Onahole." A kind of sex toy in the shape of a hole.
    • onabare オナバレ
      To be caught masturbating.
    • kuriona クリオナ
      Clitoral masturbation.
    • chikunii チクニー
      Nipple masturbation.
    • ananii アナニー
      Anal masturbation.
  • shuin 手淫
    Masturbation. (using hands.)
    • This term can also mean masturbating someone else.
  • jika hatsuden 自家発電
    Generating electricity at home. (e.g. with solar panels.)
  • shigoku 扱く
    koku 扱く
    To stroke.
  • tekoki 手コキ (or 手扱き)
    (male) hand-job. "Hand-stroking."
    • teman 手マン
      (female) fingering.
    • ashikoki 足コキ
      Foot-job. "Foot stroking."
    • shirikoki 尻コキ
      "Butt stroking." (stimulated by one's buttocks without penetration.)
    • wakikoki 腋コキ
      "Armpit stroking." (you get the idea.)
  • ijiru 弄る
    To touch with one's hands, changing or probing it somehow. To fiddle with.
    • E.g. to fiddle (ijiru) a machine to figure out how it works, to fiddle with one's hair, to play with one's nipples while masturbating, to change the settings of a NPC character your friend made and end up making her fall in love with you somehow, etc.
    • sawaru 触る
      To touch. (deliberately.)
    • furu 触る
      To touch. (when two things happen to touch, whether deliberately or not.)
    • kosuru 擦る
      To rub. To touch against. (e.g. to rub against the fabric of one's clothes.)
  • shikoru シコる
    To fap.

And a related word:
  • thisshu ティッシュ

つまり・・・だから その・・・マ マで始まる言葉で ・・・・・・マ・・・ マス・・・・・・ その つまり マスタ~~ ・・・・・・・・・~~ベション・・・・・・・・・・・・ ・・・をよ・・・・・・
Manga: "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure," JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 (Chapter 595)
  • Context: a girl tells what she was seen doing.
  • tsumari... dakara
    sono... ma
    つまり・・・だから その・・・
    (stuttering) ma
  • ma de hajimaru kotoba de
    A word that starts with "ma."
  • ...... ma...
    ...... ma...
  • masu......
  • sono, tsumari
    その つまり
    (more stuttering)
  • masuta~~
  • .........~~~~~beshon...............
  • ... wo yo......
    (object marker: what was said previous was what she was seen doing.)


The word okazu オカズ normally means "side dish" in Japanese, as in, food, but it can also means "something your masturbate to." For example: just plain old pornography, naked selfies from your girlfriend, a lemon fanfic of Dobby x Lucius Malfoy, wishful fantasies of getting laid with a hot celebrity from one of the Avengers movies, the paint drying on the wall, or whatever it is you saw and declared "I can fap to this."
  • __ wo okazu ni shita 〇〇をオカズにした
    To have made ____ into [one's] "okazu."

Similar terms include:
  • zurineta ズリネタ
    "Rubbing content."
    • The zuri is from senzuri, manzuri, and neta means "content," like the content of an article, or the plot of a story.
  • shikorithi シコリティ
    "Shiquality." (from shiko and "quality.")
    • How good a zurineta is.
    • shikorithi ga takai
      Shiquality is high. (i.e. something good to masturbate to.)
  • onapetto オナペット
    "Masturbation pet." "Onapet."
    • From onanii and "pet," petto.
    • A person repeatedly used as zurineta. (or a video, etc.)
    • onadoru オナドル
      A person who became an "idol," aidoru アイドル, as in, a type of celebrity, in order to become an onapet for their fans.


  • shasei 射精
    Ejaculation. (technical.)
    • iru 射る
      To shoot. (e.g. an arrow.)
    • gansha 顔射
      Facial. "Face shot." (ejaculating on someone's face.)
  • shasei suru 射精する
    To ejaculate.
    • shasei suru 写生する
      (totally not sexual homonym.)
      To sketch something while looking at it, as opposed to from your imagination.
  • hassha 発射
    Firing. Catapulting.
    Ejaculation. (slang.)
    • In anime with giant robots, space rockets, etc. when they are put on those "launching platforms," hasshadai 発射台, this is the word the operator says before "launching" them.
  • seitsuu 精通
    First ejaculation.
    • shosei 初精
      The first semen ejaculated. (note: in English spermarche, semenarche, is the "start of sperm development.")
  • musei 夢精
    Nocturnal emission. Wet dream.
    • yume
    • isei 遺精
      Ejaculation without sexual stimulation. (musei is one type of isei.)
  • sourou 早漏
    Premature ejaculation.
    • hayai 早い
    • moru 漏る
      To leak. (intransitive.)
  • shiofuki 潮吹き
    Female ejaculation. Squirting.
    "Sea water blowing."
    • From whales blowing water upwards with their blowholes.
    • shio
      Sea water.
    • fuku 吹く
      To blow.

A bunch of verbs that should have nothing to do with it, but do anyway:
  • deru 出る
    To leave. To flow out. (e.g. ejaculate)
  • dasu 出す
    To make leave. To put out. (i.e. to ejaculate.)
    To take out. (e.g. to take your penis out of your pants.)
    • nakadashi 中出し
      "To put out" inside. (cumming inside.)
    • sotodashi 外出し
      "To put out" outside.
  • nuku 抜く
    To extract. (e.g. ejaculate.)
    • Sometimes it means "to masturbate."
    • nukigee 抜きゲー
      "Extracting game." A kind of adult video game.
  • tamaru 溜まる
    To accumulate.
    • In the sense of not ejaculating as often as one would like.
    • Many dirty jokes involve this word because it can normally refer to stress accumulating, or work piling up, etc.
  • kakeru かける
    To pour onto.
    • bukkake ぶっかけ
      Pouring onto.
    • bu' ぶっ
      Prefix that implies some force or impact.
    • bukkorosu ブッ殺す
      I WILL MURDER YOU. (korosu 殺す, "kill.")
    • buttobasu ぶっ飛ばす
      To send someone flying, like with a punch. From tobasu 飛ばす, "to make fly."
  • shiboru 搾る
    To squeeze out [fruit juice].
    • sakusei 搾精
      Semen milking.


  • seikou 性交
    Sexual intercourse.
  • seikoui 性行為
    Sexual act.


The most common colloquialism for sex would be:
  • sekkusu セックス
  • sekkusu suru セックスする
    "To sex." To have sex.

Some related terms:
  • sekuhara セクハラ
    Sexual harassment.
    • sekushuaru harasumento
  • sekukyaba セクキャバ
    • A cabaret club, kyabakura キャバクラ, in which the employees are topless or wearing sexy outfits.
  • sefure セフレ
    "Sex friend." Fuck buddy. (a friend whom you have sex with.)
    • sekkusu furendo
  • kimeseku キメセク
    Sex on drugs. (rock and roll not a requisite.)
    • kimeru キメる
      To take [a drug]. (transitive.)
    • kimaru キマる
      To get high. (intransitive.)

Some people avoid saying the word sekkusu because it sounds vulgar, preferring something like:
  • ecchi エッチ
    • Also spelled as an "H."
    • In fact it comes from the letter H, because it comes from the romaji of hentai 変態, which means "pervert."
  • ecchi suru エッチする
    To have sex.
    • hitori-ecchi 一人エッチ
      Sex alone. Masturbation.
  • neru 寝る
    To sleep.
    To sleep [with someone].
    • Also where comes the infamous terms:
    • netoru 寝取る
      To take "sleeping."
      To sleep [with someone else's partner].
    • netorareru 寝取られる
      (passive form.)
      To be netoru'd
      For someone who's not your partner to sleep with you.
  • suru する
    To do.
    • Just... "to do."

Or something so far-fetched nobody will actually understand it:

Or something that people don't really say but you may see in anime:

Then we have this extremely confusing word:
  • yaru やる
    • To do something.
    • Synonymous with ageru:
      • To give something to someone.
      • To do something for someone.
    • To kill someone.
    • To have sex with someone

And yes, it actually means all that stuff:
  • yaritai koto
    Something [you] want to do.
  • banana wo yaru
    [I'll] give [you] a banana.
  • oshiete-yaru
    [I'll] teach [you]. [I'll] tell [you].
  • kare wo yatta zo
    [I] killed him.
  • yaranaika?
    Won't [you] do [it]? (do it = have sex.)

It's seen in the words:
  • yarinige
    To do and run away.
    To have sex with someone and then "run away," i.e. never contact them again.
  • yarichin
    A promiscuous man.
    • A doing (yari) penis (tin), in the sense it does it a lot.
  • yariman
    A promiscuous woman.

Similar words:
  • bicchi
    Slut. (wasei-eigo, from the English "bitch.")

Fujiwara Chika 藤原千花, visual pun on the word shirigaru-onna 尻軽女, "light-butt-woman," meaning a promiscuous woman, using balloons spelling the English word "slut."
Character: Fujiwara Chika 藤原千花
Anime: Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai? ~Tensai-Tachi no Ren'ai Zunousen~ かぐや様は告らせたい?~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~ (Season 2) (Episode 3)
  • shiri-garu-onna
    A promiscuous woman.
    • shiri ga karui
      [Her] butt is light. (literally.)
      [She] is promiscuous. [She] is a slut.

Other terms:
  • omanko suru おまんこする
    omeko suru おめこする
    To have sex.
    • From the slangs for vagina: omanko, omeko.
    • So "to vagina," literally.
  • hameru ハメる (or はめる)
    To put in. (e.g. your hand into a glove, or wrist into handcuffs.)
    To have sex. (colloquialism.)
    • hamedori ハメ撮り
      "Sex [film] taking."
      POV pornography. A sex video in which someone who's having sex films it, as opposed to a third party.
    • toru 撮る
      To take [a photo]. To take [a film].
  • horu ほる
    To dig.
    To have gay sex. (colloquialism. See okama オカマ.)

Terms related to real-life gay relationships:
  • neko ネコ
  • tachi タチ
  • riba リバ
    "Reversible." Switch.
  • 凸凹回
    Top, bottom, switch. (symbols used in dating sites.)

Terms used mostly by fujoshi characters shipping fantasy gay relationships:
  • seme 攻め
    "Offense." Attack.
  • uke 受け
  • mamori 守り
    • Not a sexual slang, but you may hear a fujoshi character ask "what's the opposite of seme (offense/top)?" A normal character will answer mamori (defense), a savvy character will answer uke (bottom).
(wait a second...???)
  • seiteki shigeki 性的刺激
    Sexual stimulation.
  • seiteki koufun 性的興奮
    Sexual excitement. Arousal.
    • koufun suru 興奮する
      To get excited. (not necessarily sexual.)
  • seikantai 性感帯
    Erogenous zone. "Sexual feeling region."
  • yokubou 欲望
    Desire. (generic sense.)
    • jouyoku 情欲
    • seiyoku 性欲
      Sexual desire.
  • uzuku 疼く
    To throb painfully.
  • hatsujou 発情
    Desire to mate.
    • hatsujouki 発情期
      Mating season. (of animals.)

There are various ways to say "sexy," like:
  • eroi エロい
    • ero-kawaii エロ可愛い
      Sexy and cute.
  • ecchi na エッチな
  • iroppoi 色っぽい
    • A combination of two words that certainly shouldn't mean sexy but do.
    • iro
    • -ppoi ~っぽい
      Like. Resembling.
    • inu ppoi 犬っぽい
      It's kind of like a dog.
      It resembles a dog.
  • sekushii セクシー

Verbs related to sexual intercourse:
  • sounyuu suru 挿入する
    To introduce.
    To penetrate.
  • ireru 入れる
    To put in. (general.)
    • ireru 挿れる
      To put in. (sexual.)
  • tsuku 突く
    To thrust.
  • ugokasu 動かす
    To make [something] move. (transitive.)
    • ugoku 動く
      To move. (intransitive.)
  • pisuton ピストン
  • shimaru 締まる
    To tighten.
    To contract.
  • shime-tsukeru 締め付ける
    To tighten and adhere to.

Other related words:
  • zengi 前戯
    Foreplay. (stuff before sex.)
  • honban 本番
    Actual performance. (in TV shows, when it's not a rehearsal, test, etc. it's for real.)
    Sex. Vaginal penetration.
    • Sometimes associated with prostitution, because a couple won't call "sex" honban, it's only honban in contrast to whatever part of it isn't honban.
  • kougi 後戯
    (stuff after sex.)
  • nama
    Raw. (as opposed to protected sex.)
    • namahame 生ハメ
      Raw sex. Bareback.
  • adaruto bideo アダルトビデオ
    "Adult video."
    • ee-bui エーブイ

Sex Positions

  • taii 体位
    Position of the body.
    Sexual position.
  • seijoui 正常位
    "Normal position."
  • kijoui 騎乗位
    "[Horse] Mounting Position."
  • kouhaii 後背位
    bakku バック
    "Behind back." "Back."
    Doggy style.
  • zai 座位
    "Sitting position."
    Lotus position.
  • sokui 側位
    "Lateral position."
    Spooning. Spoons position.
  • shikkusu-nain シックスナイン
    "Six nine." Sixty nine. 69.

Sex Toys

There are various terms for sex toys, and tools, in Japanese:
  • seigu 性具
    "Sexual tools."
  • ingu 淫具
    "Lewd tool."
  • otona no omocha 大人のおもちゃ
    Adult toy.
    • Note that omocha is also spelled:
    • omocha 玩具
    • From:
    • moteasobu 玩ぶ
      To play with [something you hold in hands].
      To toy with [somebody's emotions].

Some terms for toys and tools:
  • dhirudo ディルド
    • harikata 張形 (or harigata)
      "Swollen form." Dildo. (note: the Hector's dolphin is called seppari iruka海豚, due to its "swollen back.")
    • kokeshi コケシ
      Dildo. (which's shaped like a kokeshi doll.)
  • baibu バイブ
    baibureetaa バイブレーター
    • shindou 振動
    • pinku rootaa ピンクローター
      rootaa ローター
      "Pink rotor." Love egg. Egg vibrator.
    • rimokon リモコン
      Remote control.
  • hitachi majikku wando 日立マジックワンド
    Hitachi Magic Wand.
  • anaru puragu アナルプラグ
    Anal plug. Butt plug.
  • anaru biizu アナルビーズ
    Anal beads.
  • kanchou 浣腸
  • onahooru オナホール
    onaho オナホ
    Onahole. Sex sleeve.
  • dacchi waifu ダッチワイフ
    "Dutch wife." Sex doll. Blowup doll. (not to be confused with trash.)
    • rabu dooru ラブドール
      "Love doll." (refers to a high-quality type.)
  • enemagura エネマグラ
    Prostate massager.
    "Enemagra." (proprietary eponym.)
    • zenritsusen massaaji-ki
      Prostate massage utensil. (generic name.)
    • anerosu アネロス
      Aneros. (another brand.)
  • peniban ペニバン
    penisubando ペニスバンド
    "Penis-band." Strap-on.


  • zecchou 絶頂
    • This can be the climax of a story, the peak of a mountain, etc.
    • seiteki zecchou 性的絶頂
      Sexual climax. (unambiguous.)
  • oogazumu オーガズム
    "Orgasm." (English.)
  • orugazumu オルガスムス
    "Orgasm." (German.)
  • akume アクメ
    Orgasm. "Acmé" (French.)
  • dorai oogazumu ドライオーガズム
    "Dry orgasm."
  • tokoroten ところてん (or 心太, 心天, 瓊脂)
    A dish made from tengusa 天草, a type of red algae, using a special tool called ten-tsuki 天突き, "heaven thrusting," (but the "heaven," ten, probably refers to tengusa, tokoroten), with which the tengusa, after turned into jelly, is pushed into a cheese-grater kinda thing with holes and comes out as noodles.
    • A video, if you really want to know: ところてん(テングサ)の作り方 -
    • From the way it's made:
    • tokoroten-shiki ところてん式
      Tokoroten ceremony.
      When someone is naturally pushed out, usually in a bad sense. For example, in Sumo wrestling there was a rule that there could only be five oozeki 大関. But then a sixth one showed up. So the oldest one of the five was "pushed out" to the next rank, yokodzuna 横綱, in order to maintain five oozeki.
    • And finally, what's relevant to this article:
    • tokoroten ところてん
      For a man to have an orgasm from anal alone. (in the sense of "pushing out" the semen from behind.)

In English, the verb "to cum" is a slang for "to orgasm." It's sometimes spelled "to come." Such that "I'm coming" becomes a double entendre. In Japanese, the word for "to come" is kuru 来る, but it doesn't carry this orgasm meaning.

On the other hand, the word iku 行く, "to go," does mean "to orgasm" in Japanese. So "to come" is English and "to go" is Japanese. Why, though? Is this some sort of coincidence or something? Was this on purpose? Anyway, it's normally spelled with katakana, not with kanji:
  • iku イく (or イク)
    To cum. To orgasm.
    • When conjugated, it's homonymous with other words, like:
    • iu 言う
      To say.
    • itta 言った
      [I] said.
    • itta イった
      [I] came.

Terms for orgasm expressions:
  • ikigao イキ顔
    "Cumming face." (from iku.)
  • torogao トロ顔
    "Dozy face" (from torotoro トロトロ, "dozing off.")
  • ahegao アヘ顔
    "Panting face." (from aheahe アヘアヘ, *pant pant*)

Manga: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 僕は友達が少ない
  • toku ni tsuinzetto to nigouki ga
    douji ni zecchou wo
    mukaeru toki no hyoujou ga
    mou saikou desu ne

    In particular, the expression [on their faces] when Twin-Z and Machine #2 simultaneously approach climax is the greatest.
  • konna ii ahegao wo kakeru
    sakka wa sousou imasen yo

    There aren't so many artists who can draw ahegao this good.


In Japanese, there are two different terms for "virgin."
  • doutei 童貞
    Virgin. (usually male.)
  • shojo 処女
    Virgin. (female.)

About one's first time:
  • shotaiken 初体験
    First experience.
    • hajimete 初めて
      First time.
  • doutei soushitsu 童貞喪失
    shojo soushitsu 処女喪失
    Losing [one's] virginity.
  • sotsugyou suru 卒業する
    To graduate. (literally.)
    • daigaku wo sotsugyou suru
      To graduate university.
    • doutei wo sotsugyou suru
      To graduate [being] a virgin.
  • fude-oroshi 筆おろし
    Lowering a brush.
    • In the sense of lowering it onto a canvas below, to use it, for the first time.
    • For a guy to lose his virginity.
    • orosu 下ろす
      To lower. To put down.

Regarding romantic assertiveness:


  • ninshin 妊娠
    Conception. Pregnancy.
  • haramu 孕む (or 妊む)
    To become pregnant with [a child].
    • ko wo haranda 子を孕んだ
      To have become pregnant with a child.
    • haramaseru 孕ませる
      To make [someone] become pregnant with [a child]. (causative conjugation.)
      To impregnate.
  • umu 生む
    To give birth to [a child].
    • ko wo unda 子を生んだ
      To have given birth to [a child].
  • tainai 胎内
    Interior of the womb of a pregnant woman.
  • kodzukuri 子作り
    "Baby-making." Having children. Attempting to conceive.
  • hinin 避妊
    "Avoid pregnancy."
    Contraception. Birth control.
    • sakeru 避ける
      To avoid.

Notable contraception methods:
  • kondoomu コンドーム
    • Also called:
    • gomu ゴム
    • sukin スキン
    • furenchi retaa フレンチレター
      "French letter."
  • gomu-ari ゴムあり
    Condom existing.
    With a condom.
    • gomu-nashi ゴムなし
      Condom non-existent.
      Without a condom.
  • keikou hinin yaku 経口避妊薬
    "Oral contraceptive medicine."
    Birth control pill.
    • piru ピル
      The "pill."

An antiquated device that's part of some jokes from time to time:
  • teisoutai 貞操帯
    Chastity belt.
    • teisou wo mamoru
      To protect [one's] chastity.


Regarding specifically oral sex:
  • ferachio フェラチオ
    fera フェラ
    Fellatio. Blowjob.
  • iramachio イラマチオ
    Irrumatio. Face-fucking.
  • shaburu しゃぶる
    To suck and lick.
    • chinshabu ちんシャブ
  • kuwaeru 咥える
    To hold [something] into [one's] mouth.
    • pan wo kuwaete hashiru
      To run with a bread in mouth. (if you know what I'm talking about.)
  • gokkun ごっくん
    Gulp. (onomatopoeia.)
  • kun'niringusu クンニリングス
    kun'ni クンニ
    • Not to be confused with:
    • kan'ningu カンニング
      "Cunning." Cheating on an exam.

Manga: Inuyashiki いぬやしき (Chapter 18)
  • shabure......
    Suck [it]..... (imperative form of shaburu.)

A lot of Japanese words for sex have kan 姦 in it, including some made-up slangs about some really weird stuff.
  • wakan 和姦
    Consensual sex. "Harmonious sex."
  • goukan 強姦
    Forced sex. "Strength sex." (strength = force.)
  • rinkan 輪姦
    Gang rape. "Wheel sex." (in the sense of a group surrounding someone.)
  • soukan 相姦
  • kinshin soukan 近親相姦
  • aokan 青姦
    Sex outdoors. "Blue sex."
  • juukan 獣姦
    Bestiality. "Beast sex."
  • shikan 屍姦
    Necrophilia. "Corpse sex."
  • kikaikan 機械姦
    "Machine sex."
  • shikan 視姦
    Ogling. Leering. "Sight sex."
    • Wait a minute, this isn't actually sex!

Some "grotesque," guro グロ, terms that include kan 姦. Obviously these only refer to illustrations, not real people:
  • noukan 脳姦
    "Brain sex." Brain-fucking.
  • gankoukan 眼孔姦
    "Eye socket sex."


The word goukan 強姦 is the formal term for "rape" in Japanese. In the general sense, there's also:
  • okasu 犯す
    To do something you shouldn't do.
    To violate [a law]. To break [a rule].
    To commit [a crime].
    To rape [a person].
  • yaru 犯る
    To do [a crime].
    To rape [a person.
    • A gikun for yaru やる.

And this word that won't air on TV:
  • reipu レイプ

It has derived terms like:
  • reipu-me レイプ目
    "Rape eyes." (as in the victim's.)
    • Anime term referring to the "vacant eyes" drawn in hopeless characters.
  • gyaku-reipu 逆レイプ
    "Reverse rape."
    • Same logic as nanpa ナンパ, "to hit on," in which you assume it's about men hitting on women, so gyaku-nanpa 逆ナンパ is "women hitting on men."
    • Abbreviated gyaku-re 逆レ and gyaku-nan 逆ナン respectively.

Also related:
  • chikan 痴漢
    Molestation. (a crime.)
    (male) molester.
  • chijo 痴女
    (female) molester.


In Japanese, counting is done with rather specific, but also confusingly ambiguous counters. For reference, some words that can end up being taken suggestively:

The counter for penises, phallic objects, dildos, pencils, bananas, swords, strands of hair, arms, legs, and other long, cylindrical objects in general is hon 本.
  • ippon 一本
    One [banana].
    • banana ippon バナナ一本
      "One banana."
  • nihon 二本
    Two [bananas].
  • sanbon 三本
    Three [bananas].
  • nanbon 何本
    An unknown number of [bananas].
    How many [bananas]?

But wait, are testicles part of the penis? Because then it's not cylindrical anymore. Well, let's not think deeply about this.

The counter for vaginas, if we're talking about the vagina as an orifices, would be ana 穴, "hole." Just like the mouth, and the anus, are also holes, except when counting it's normally read with its on'yomi, ketsu 穴, because ichi, ni, san are on'yomi while hito-, futa-, mi- are kun'yomi.
  • ikketsu 1穴
    hito-ana 一穴
  • One hole.
  • niketsu 2欠
    futa-ana ニ穴
    Two holes.
  • sanketsu 3穴
    mi-ana 三穴
    Three holes.
  • nanketsu 何穴
    nan'ana 何穴
    An unknown number of holes.
    How many holes?

The counter for ejaculations, shots, gun shots, hits, strikes, punches, etc. is hatsu 発.
  • ippatsu 一発
    One shot. One hit.
  • nihatsu 二発
    Two shots. Two hits.
  • sanpatsu 三発
    Three shots. Three hits.
  • nanpatsu 何発
    An unknown number of shots.
    How many shots?

The counter for sexual intercourse, or the number of times anything at all is done repeatedly, is kai 回.
  • ikkai 一回
    One time. Once.
  • nikai 二回
    Two times. Twice.
  • sankai 三回
    Three times. Thrice.
  • nankai 何回
    An unknown number of times.
    How many times?

The counter for sexual partners, or people in general, is -ri ~人 or nin 人.
  • hitori 一人
    One person.
  • futari 二人
    Two people.
  • san'nin 三人
    Three people.
  • nan'nin 何人
    An unknown number of people.
    How many people.
    • nan'nin mo 何人も
      A lot of people. (more people than you can know.)
    • If this is combined with yaru, you get this ambiguity:
    • nan'nin mo yatta 何人もやった
      [Someone] killed a lot of people.
      [Someone] fucked a lot of people.

In the case of orgies, there's a slang to count the number of people in it: pii ピー, which comes from the katakanization of the English letter P. This P can refer to the "page number" of a book, manga, etc. It can also refer to the number of "players" in a video-game. Which is where the orgy slang probably came from.
  • ichi-pii 1P
    One player. One page.
  • ni-pii 2P
    Two players. Page two.
    • ni-pii karaa 2Pカラー
      Player 2 color. (a different color scheme for a same character, from fighting games where two players can select the same character. E.g. Bowsette blonde and red-hair versions.)
  • san-pii 3P
    Three players. Page three.
    An orgy of 3 people. Threesome.
  • yon-pii 4P
    Four players. Page four.
    An orgy of 4 people. Foursome.
  • go-pii 5P
    Five players. Page five.
    An orgy of 5 people. Fivesome.


Regarding body writing:
  • rakugaki 落書き
    Scribble. Sketch.
  • karada ni rakugaki 体に落書き
    Scribble on body. Body graffiti.

Since you could write virtually anything on someone's body, I'm not going to list everything you could write. Instead, let's focus on the noteworthy things:

Manga: Seitokai Yakuindomo 生徒会役員共 (Chapter 2)
  • omankomaaku おマンコマーク
    mankomaaku マンコマーク
    omekomaaku オメコマーク
    The "pussy mark" refers to a symbol featuring two concentric circles ◎, one vertical line |, and ticks around the outer circle representing pubes.

Note to be confused with:

Anime: Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai 下ネタという概念が存在しない退屈な世界 (Episode 2)
  • hatsudensho no maaku 発電所のマーク
    Power plant mark.
    • Reminder, jika hatsuden 自家発電, "generation electricity at home," is a slang for "masturbation."

  • The asterisk is often likened to the anus, specially of cats, because of its sphincter-like shape.
  • sei no ji 正の字
    The 正 character.

How to write 正, tally mark stroke order.
  • niku
    • The word nikubenki 肉便器, literally "meat urinal," is a degradatory term often used in body writing.
    • However, niku 肉, specially when written on one's forehead, is a reference to the manga Kin'niku-man キン肉マン, and its protagonist, which has niku 肉 written on its forehead.


For reference, the way some words are abbreviated in slangs:
  • pai パイ
    From oppai おっぱい, "breasts."
  • kuri クリ
    From kuritorisu クリトリス, "clitoris."
  • man マン
    From manko マンコ, "vagina."
  • chin チン
    From chinko チンコ, "penis."
  • ona オナ
    nii ニー
    From onanii オナニー, "masturbation."
  • seku セク
    From sekkusu セックス, "sex."
  • peni ペニ
    From penisu ペニス, "penis."
  • jii-supo Gスポ
    From jii supotto Gスポット, "G-spot."

Some examples:
  • furuchin フルチン
    "Full penis." In the sense of being completely naked, as to expose even the penis, no trousers.
  • yokochin 横チン (or ヨコチン)
    "Horizontal penis." In the sense of escaping the underwear horizontally.
    • hamichin ハミチン
      (same meaning.)
    • hamidasu 食み出す
      To protrude. To stick out.
    • hamikin ハミ金 (or ハミキン)
      (same thing but with testicles, kintama, instead.)
  • In Gintama, episode 256, there was a joke anime inside the anime that was called Mantama まんたま, in which most of the world was female.


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