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manko マンコ, omanko おまんこ (Vulgar, Sex-Related Term)

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In Japanese, manko マンコ means "vagina," but it's a vulgar word, so it's closer to "pussy" instead. It can also mean "to have sex." Like some other terms for body parts, it can get the o- お~ polite prefix attached to it: omanko おマンコ. It's also spelled まんこ, おまんこ.

Coincidentally, the word for "pussy," as in a "cat," is neko 猫 in Japanese, and it's also a sexual slang, referring to the "bottom" of a homosexual relationship.

See: tachi, neko, riba タチ, ネコ, リバ for details.

The technical term for "vagina (the internal canal only)" is chitsu 膣, and joseiki 女性器 is "female genitalia."

The male counterpart would be chinko チンコ.


The word manko is vulgar and may get censored by bleeping it out or hiding the text with symbols.

Sora 空 says a vulgar word for "vagina," manko マンコ, that gets censored as マ★コ.
Character: Sora
Anime: No Game No Life, ノーゲーム・ノーライフ (Episode 6)
  • Context: Sora says a bad word.
  • ma*ko
    Pu (bleep) y.

Normally censorship is done with a circle.

Manga: Detroit Metal City, デトロイト・メタル・シティ (Chapter 22, HIP HOP.2)
  • Context: Johannes Krauser II, ヨハネ・クラウザーII世, says a bad word.
  • ma*kooo

"To Have Sex"

The word manko can mean "to have sex" if it's used as a suru verb.

  • manko
    Vagina. (vulgar.)
  • manko suru
    To have sex. (also vulgar.)

This could be why manko is considered more vulgar than chinko, as the latter can't mean "to have sex."


The word omeko オメコ means more or less the same thing as omanko おマンコ, "vagina."

The difference is just that omeko is used in the kansai region of Japan.(

Like manko, omeko can also mean "to have sex:" omeko suru オメコする.


There's a dozen vagina-related slangs including man マン, an abbreviation of manko, in them. For reference:

  • yariman
    "Doing vagina."
    • From the verb yaru やる, which means a dozen of things, but in this case specifically it means "to have sex." This term refers to someone who (or rather, whose vagina) has a lot of sex. Someone promiscuous.
  • moriman
    "Bulging vagina."
    • From moriagaru 盛り上がる, "to swell," "to bulge." This terms refers to a protruding pubic mound. It's also called:
    • doteman
    • dote
      Embankment. (a risen bank of earth to protect from wind and flood.)
  • yuruman
    "Loose vagina."
    • Literally. From yurui 緩い, "loose."
  • kitsuman
    "Tight vagina."
    • Literally. From kitsui きつい, "tight."
  • sarariiman
    "Salary vagina."
  • mange
    "Vagina hair."
    • In technical words, "pubic hair," inmou 陰毛.
  • mankasu
    "Vagina waste."
    • From kasu 滓, which means something worthless, waste, scum, etc. This is a colloquialism for "smegma," chikou 恥垢.
  • manzuri
    "Vagina rubbing."
    • From suru 摺る, "to rub." This means masturbation, but obviously it's female-only. It's the counterpart of:
    • senzuri 千摺り
      (male) masturbation.
    • You might recognize that zuri from paizuri パイズリ.
  • manchira
    "Vagina glimpse."
    • A type of chiralism: catching a glimpse of somebody's vagina by accident. You'd think panties would prevent this, and it'd be just panchira パンチラ instead.
  • mankai
    "Vagina open."
    • In the sense of kaikyaku 開脚, "opening [one's] legs." Not to be confused mankai 満開, the "full blossoming" of a flower, or with bankai 卍解, which's a Bleach thing.


Besides the portmanteaus above, sometimes the word manko is suffixed to a body part that's naturally not a vagina but that's used in sexual intercourse somehow. They're all vulgar words, obviously. For reference:

  • ketsu-manko
    Ass-pussy. (anal sex.)
    • Originally a gay slang.
  • kuchi-manko
    Mouth-pussy. (oral sex.)
  • nodo-manko
    Throat-pussy. (deep-throating.)
  • te-manko
    Hand-pussy. (handjob.)
  • ashi-manko
    Foot-pussy. (footjob.)


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