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Sunday, April 28, 2019

chinko チンコ

NSFW: this article may contain words or images you'd rather not have your boss see.
WIP: this article is incomplete and might change in the unforeseeable future.
In Japanese, chinko チンコ means "penis," but it's a vulgar word, so its closer to "dick" instead. Like some other terms for body parts, it can get the o- お~ polite prefix attached to it: ochinko おチンコ. It's also spelled ちんこ, おちんこ.

A less vulgar, childish variant is chinchin ちんちん, or ochinchin おちんちん, and the technical term for "penis" is inkei 陰茎.

The female counterpart would be manko マンコ.


The word chinpo チンポ means the same thing as chinko チンコ. That is, it's just another vulgar word for penis.

It even has the same variants: chinpo ちんぽ, ochinpo おチンポ, おちんぽ

If there's any difference between chinko and chinpo, it's that chinko is more common and chinpo is more obscene. So it's basically the same thing as the difference between "dick" and "cock" in English..[チンコとチンポの違いは何ですか? -, accessed 2019-04-28.]

There are also other variants meaning more or less the same thing, like:
  • chinbou ちんぼう
  • chinpou ちんぽう
  • chinboko ちんぼこ
  • chinpoko ちんぽこ
  • chinpokko ちんぼっこ

チン Portmanteaus

There's a dozen of slangs involving penises that include the morpheme chin チン, an abbreviation of either chinko or chinpo—doesn't really matter which—in them. For reference:
  • furuchin フルチン
    "Full penis."
    • A man who's fully naked. Even his trousers are gone.
  • yokochin ヨコチン
    "Horizontal penis."
    • A penis that's visibly "horizontal," yoko 横. In the sense it's either exposed, sticking out the shorts from one of the leg openings, or that makes a horizontal bulge in the pants.
  • yarichin ヤリチン
    "Doing penis."
    • From the verb yaru やる, which means a dozen of things, but in this case specifically it means "to have sex." This term refers to someone who (or rather, whose penis) has a lot of sex. Someone promiscuous.
  • dekachin デカチン
    "Big penis."
    • Literally. From dekai デカい, "big."
  • sochin 粗チン
    "Shabby penis."
    • A small penis. From somatsu 粗末, "shabby," in the same sense as soshina 粗品, "inferior goods."
  • chinge ちん毛
    "Penis hair."
    • In technical words, "pubic hair," inmou 陰毛.
  • chinkasu チンカス
    "Penis waste."
    • From kasu 滓, which means Kazuma something worthless, waste, scum, etc. This is a colloquialism for "smegma," chikou 恥垢.
  • chinchira チンチラ
    Chinchilla. A genus of rodent.

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