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Thursday, April 4, 2019

inmon 淫紋

NSFW: this article may contain words or images you'd rather not have your boss see.
In hentai pornography, a "womb tattoo," or inmon 淫紋, "lewd crest" in Japanese, is usually a crotch tattoo or lower stomach tattoo that looks like some sort of crest, or magical rune, and might or might not carry some sexual meaning.


An inmon isn't necessarily a tattoo. It could be a mark branded, or burned, or just written magically somehow, or simply painted on. It may glow with magic or electricity or whatever.

It just often happens to be a tattoo because of the crest-like shape that tribal tattoos have.

Lisesharte Atismata リーズシャルテ・アティスマータ, example of womb tattoo.
Anime: Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut 最弱無敗の神装機竜《バハムート》 (Episode 1)
  • Is this a tattoo?
  • I don't know.
  • But it's crest-like, and it's on the lower-stomach, so it's an inmon 淫紋.

The inmon doesn't really need to do anything at all to be an inmon, just being there is enough.

However, it's typically the case that tattooing a magical inmon gives the wearer a "curse," noroi 呪い, that makes them lewder and more perverted and stuff like that, or vice-versa: cursing someone makes an inmon appear.

Just like in the Fate series the Command Spells just show up on your hand after you make a contract.
  • moyou 模様
    Pattern. (of a graphic.)
    Shape. (of something drawn.)
  • mahoujin 魔法陣
    Magic square. (usually a circle.)

The inmon doesn't really need to the be on the crotch. It could be on the breasts, or on the lower back—a.k.a. a tramp stamp. It could be anywhere, really.

Aloe アロエ, example of "womb tattoo," and other lewd crests, inmon 淫紋.
Anime: Ishuzoku Reviewers, 異種族レビュアーズ (Episode 2)

Womb Tattoo

The English term "womb tattoo" refers to the same thing as inmon in Japanese.

The term "womb tattoo" is kind of weird because you don't tattoo a womb. The womb is the uterus, and it's internal. You tattoo the crotch, external. So why is this term "womb tattoo"? Well, there's a reason for this, and it isn't because the crotch is just above the womb.

Since an inmon is "lewd," it's sexually suggestive or related to sex somehow, it's normally pink or red, and normally in the shape of a heart, because love and all that.

Turns out a heart can look like an uterus if you distort it enough, so some designs look like a heart-womb or a heart in a womb or something of sort. Which is where the term "womb tattoo" comes from.

A collage of womb tattoo designs by Misogohan みそごはん on Pixiv. High-resolution versions are available for free in his Pixiv gallery.
  • Note the designs range from a simple hearts to shapes resembling Fallopian tubes and ovaries.
  • The ones with bat wings reference the Succubus, a kind of lewd demon monster girl.
  • The ones with flowers reference one kind of flower, the "lily," which in Japanese is yuri 百合, which is also a genre of lesbian fiction.


For reference, some illustrations featuring inmon 淫紋:

For the record, even a male character, which physically doesn't have a womb, can get a womb tattoo. It's just a trope at this point.

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