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M-ji kaikyaku M字開脚 (Pose)

In Japanese, emu-ji-kaikyaku M字開脚, means a pose: opening one's legs (kaikyaku) like the letter M (emu-ji).

The emu morpheme is a katakanization of the letter M.

Kinutsugai Ririko 絹番莉々子, example of emu-ji-kaikyaku M字開脚 pose: opening one's legs like the letter M.
Character: Kinutsugai Ririko 絹番莉々子
Anime: Hisone to Maso-tan ひそねとまそたん (Episode 5)
  • Context: Ririko tries to control a dragon by apparently pretending to play twister inside of its stomach.

This term is typically only used NSFW contexts, e.g. shibari 縛り, for pretty obvious reasons.

For reference, some related terms:

Takagi 高木 doing a leg stretch.
Character: Takagi 高木
Anime: Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2, からかい上手の高木さん2 (Season 2) (Episode 6)
  • kaikyaku
    Opening [one's] legs. Spreading [one's] legs wide.
    • ashi wo hiraku
      To open [one's] legs.
    • ashi 脚 = always whole leg.
      ashi 足 = foot or whole leg.
      (same word spelled with different kanji.)
      • bikyaku
        Beautiful legs. (not beautiful feet.)
  • heikyaku
    Closing [one's] legs. (typically refers to jumping with legs closed in gymnastics.)
    • ashi wo tojiru
      To close one's legs.
Nishikino Maki 西木野真姫, example sitting "crossing legs," ashikumi 足組み.
Character: Nishikino Maki 西木野真姫
Anime: Love Live! School Idol Project (Episode 2, Stitch)


The following poses are technically M-shaped and have one's legs open, but are called other things instead:

Kuboyasu Aren 窪谷須亜連, example of yankii-zuwari ヤンキー座り, delinquent squat.
Character: Kuboyasu Aren 窪谷須亜連
Anime: Saiki Kusuo no Psi-Nan, 斉木楠雄のΨ難 (Episode 17)
Ushio Hinomaru 潮火ノ丸, example of character squatting in sonkyo 蹲踞 position.
Character: Ushio Hinomaru 潮火ノ丸
Anime: Hinomaru-zumou 火ノ丸相撲 (Episode 1)
  • sonkyo
    Squat used in sumō 相撲 wrestling, with heels not touching the floor, and thighs horizontal.
Yuzuriha Maimai 楪舞々, W-sitting.
Character: Yuzuriha Maimai 楪舞々
Anime: Zombieland Saga: Revenge (Episode 7)
  • onnanoko-zuwari
    "Girl's sitting." Also known as W sitting.
  • A W is just an M upside down, which means the knees have to point upward, rather than forward, in order for it to be considered an M.
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