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"Legs Crossed" in Japanese (Terms On Chair vs. On Floor)

The term for "crossing [one's] legs" in Japanese is ashi-kumi 足組み. It's a noun formed from the phrase ashi wo kumu組む, "to cross [one's] legs."

Nishikino Maki 西木野真姫, example sitting "crossing legs," ashikumi 足組み.
Character: Nishikino Maki 西木野真姫
Anime: Love Live! School Idol Project (Episode 2, Stitch)

On Floor

When crossing one's legs sitting on the floor, that is, to say "sitting Indian style" or "criss-cross applesauce" in Japanese, the term would be agura あぐら.

Excel エクセル, example of pouting, 3-shaped mouth, "anger mark," ikari maaku 怒りマーク.
Character: Excel エクセル
Anime: Excel♥Saga, エクセル♥サーガ (Episode 4)

The lotus position in yoga, used as meditation pose in Buddhism, with feet soles facing up, also has its own term:

Senjougahara Hitagi 戦場ヶ原ひたぎ, example of character sitting in the lotus position of yoga, used for meditation, also called kekkafuza 結跏趺坐.
Character: Senjougahara Hitagi 戦場ヶ原ひたぎ
Anime: Koyomimonogatari 暦物語 (Episode 4, Stitch)
  • kekkafuza
    結跏趺坐, or 結加趺坐
    Lotus position. (in yoga)
    Sitting with legs crosses, both soles facing up.
  • hankafuza
    A variant of the lotus position in which one doesn't cross their legs, just places one leg over the other.


For reference, some examples:

Futaba Tae 双葉妙, sitting on a chair with legs crossed.
Character: Futaba Tae 双葉妙
Anime: Masamune-kun no Revenge, 政宗くんのリベンジ (Episode 11, Stitch)
Sakurajima Mai 桜島麻衣, example of "bunny girl," banii gaaru バニーガール.
Character: Sakurajima Mai 桜島麻衣
Anime: Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai, 青春ブタ野郎はバニーガール先輩の夢を見ない (Episode 1)
Mizuchi Ayumi 海槌亜悠巳, example of sukeban スケバン.
Character: Mizuchi Ayumi 海槌亜悠巳
Anime: Sukeban Deka スケバン刑事 (Episode 2, OVA)
Sakamoto 坂本, example of kuuki isu 空気椅子, "air chair."
Character: Sakamoto 坂本
Anime: Sakamoto Desu ga? 坂本ですが? (Episode 1)
  • Context: one cool dude sits on air with legs crossed.
  • kuuki-isu
    "Air chair." Keeping a pose as if you were sitting on a chair, without actually sitting on a chair, by just squatting very high.
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