Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Oppai - Meaning in Japanese | おっぱい

In Japanese, oppai おっぱい means "boobs." It's a slang.

The word oppai in Japanese, おっぱい, as written in a yellow hoodie worn by Saitama サイタマ, also known as Caped Baldy, a character from the webcomic, manga and anime One Punch Man ワンパンマン

(they actually sell that oppai hoodie, by the way)

This word doesn't have kanji, by the way. It's sometimes written with hiragana, as おっぱい, and sometimes written with katakana, as オッパイ.

Sometimes, oppai is also used in other boob-related slangs, like paizuri パイズリ, literally "boob rubbing," which refers to a "boob-job" (this is not the surgery kind).

In the English-speaking anime fandom, the term oppai loli is refers to a loli with boobs. (this term isn't used in Japanese.)

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