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kono mama, sono mama, ano mama このまま, そのまま, あのまま

In Japanese, kono mama, sono mama, ano mama このまま, そのまま, あのまま mean the way something is right now, used to refer to things that have continued "this way" or "that way" for a while, often in the sense of "the way things are right now is bad." For example:

  • kono mama ja minna ga shinjau!
    If [things] continue this way, everybody will die!
    (contraction of shinde-shimau 死んでしまう.)
    • We must do something! We need to change the way things are right now!
  • zutto kono mama de ii
    [It] would be good [if] [things] forever continued this way.
    • I wish things would stay like this forever, unchanged.

These phrases use the demonstrative pronouns kono, sono, ano この, その, あの combined with the noun mama まま.

See the article about mama まま for details on grammar.

For reference, some usage examples:

  • kono mama ja...!
    The way things are right now...!
    (incomplete sentence, typically means something bad will happen.)
  • dame da, kono mama ja
    [It] is no good, the way things are right now.
    • kono mama ja dame da
      The way things are right now is no good.
      • It won't work. It can't go on like this. We must fix it and make it good somehow.
  • kore wo sono mama taberu to oishikunai
    If [you] eat this that way, [it] isn't tasty.
    • If you eat it the way it is, without some preparation or processing first, it isn't tasty, i.e. it's a raw ingredient, and you have to cook it first.
  • sono mama ugokanaide kudasai
    That way, please don't move.
    • Stay the way you are right now. Don't change pose. E.g. when taking a photo.
  • ano mama hotte-okenai
    [I] can't leave [it] that way.
    • I have to, or had to, do something. I just couldn't ignore it.
kosoado kotoba こそあど言葉


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  1. I just finished watching the first season of The Testament of Sister New Devil, and I heard "kono mama" a lot in that final episode when (like you said) the stuff was hitting the fan.
    Which of course lead me to look it up and find this post! Keep up the good work!

  2. このままじゃダメ
    Does Nier Automata count as anime? no? Anyway, thank you!

  3. Wait--so can it be translated as "situation" or not?
    I feel like, from what I've read here, that's a single English word that basically fits the meaning of "まま”... Am I confused?

    1. Well, you could, but "this situation is not good" sounds weird. Something like "it can't go on like this" sounds better. So I don't think a translator would choose "situation" for the translation of まま.

  4. This post has been VERY helpful thank you!!☺

  5. OH my, this word is actuali existing in my first language. Lucky :D