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netori 寝取り

NSFW : this article may contain words or images you'd rather not have your boss see.
In Japanese, netori 寝取り means "sleeping with someone else's partner," be it their girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, or even someone who's not really their partner, like their childhood friend, or something like that.


Grammatically, netori 寝取り is the noun form of netoru 寝取る, which is a compound verb made out of neru 寝る, "to sleep," and toru 取る, "to take," so, literally: "to take [someone] by sleeping with [them]."

でも彼はすでに結婚しててねー 寝取りに興味あった私には絶好の機会!! あれ?
Manga: Seitokai Yakuindomo 生徒会役員共 (Volume 2, Page 138)
  • Context: Yokoshima 横島 tells a story about her seeing once again a guy that she used to like in high school.
  • demo kare wa sudeni kekkon shitete nee
    But he was already married.
  • {netori ni kyoumi atta} watashi niwa zekkou no kikai!!
    [It] [was] the perfect chance for [someone like] me [who] {had interest in sleeping with other women's husbands}.

This word is best known for its passive conjugation, ne-torareru 寝取られる, in noun form: ne-torare 寝取られ, which would be when your lover "is sleep-taken" by someone else, not when you sleep-take their lover.


Sometimes, netori 寝取り is abbreviated to NTR. This is kind of confusing since netorare 寝取られ can also be abbreviated to NTR.

A diagram of the abbreviation NTR.
Manga: Seitokai Yakuindomo 生徒会役員共 (Volume 2)

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