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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

いい度胸, ii-dokyou - Meaning in Japanese

In Japanese, ii-dokyou いい度胸 is generally used to say someone has "dared" to go against someone else, or had the "nerve" to do something.

Example of いい度胸 in Japanese.
Manga: Fist of the North Star, Hokuto no Ken 北斗の拳 (Chapter 1)


Literally, ii dokyou いい度胸 is a phrase combining the i-adjective ii いい, "good," with the word for "bravery," dokyou 度胸.

If we were being honest, telling someone they have an ii dokyou would mean they're "brave." That they have courage. It would be a compliment.

But often the character saying this stuff isn't being honest. He's a villain, a bad guy, in some position of authority. So ii dokyou is more like commenting on the courage someone has to have to dare defy you. The nerve they must have to challenge you.
  • ore-sama wo ____ towa ii dokyou da
    To have done ____ to me, [you] have some nerve!
  • ore-sama wo mushi suru to wa, ii dokyou da
    To have ignored me, [you] have some nerve!
    [You] must have some nerve to ignore me.
  • kono ore wo mataseru towa ii dokyou da
    To have made me wait, that's some nerve!
    • mataseru 待たせる
      To make wait.
      (causative form of...)
    • matsu 待つ
      To wait.

ii dokyou shiteru いい度胸してる

The phrase ii dokyou shiteru いい度胸してる means basically someone's having an ii dokyou, someone's having a "good courage," a "nerve," to challenge you. It's an abbreviation.
  • ii dokyou shiteru いい度胸してる
  • ii dokyou shiteriru いい度胸している
  • ii dokyou wo shiteiru いい度胸をしている
    • shiteiru is suru in the te-iru form.

ii dokyou janeeka いい度胸じゃねぇか

The phrase ii dokyou janee ka いい度胸じゃねぇか means literally "[that's] a good courage, isn't it?" Or less literally, "you have some nerve, don't you?" It's a relaxed pronunciation.
  • ii dokyou janee ka いい度胸じゃねぇか
  • ii dokyou janai ka いい度胸じゃないか
  • ii dokyou dewanai ka いい度胸ではないか

Sometimes you have noの instead of ka か as doubt particle:
  • ii dokyou janee no いい度胸じゃねぇの
  • ii dokyou janai no いい度胸じゃないの

All these phrases mean the same thing.

ポキバキ どけ! いい度胸してるじゃねぇか!! ブチ殺してやる~~っ!!
Manga: Fist of the North Star, Hokuto no Ken 北斗の拳 (Chapter 1)
  • poki baki
    *cracking knuckles* (onomatopoeia.)
  • doke!
    • Imperative form of:
    • doku 退く
      To step aside. To move out of the way.
  • (Mohawk.exe has stopped working.)
  • ii dokyou
    shiteru ja
    nee ka!!

    • D:<
  • buchi-koroshite-yaru~~~'!!
    • Literally "do to you killing by hitting."
    • In the sense of punching to death.
    • butsu 打つ
      To hit. To strike. To beat. To punch.
    • korosu 殺す
      To kill.
    • yaru やる
      To do something for someone, or to give something to someone. (auxiliary verb similar to ageru あげる.)

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