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Monday, March 25, 2019


WIP: this article is incomplete and might change in the unforeseeable future.

In anime and manga, CGDCT stands for Cute Girls Doing Cute Things. It's a genre of anime where all or most characters are cute girls, and all they do are cute things.

Example of cute girls doing cute things.
Anime: Sabage-bu'! さばげぶっ! (Episode 2)


Basically, CGDCT anime are harem anime without male characters. They're mostly moe anime, about having various girls featuring various moe attributes. Some of them are lighthearted comedies, others are about sports, hobbies, or saving the world, but they're still mostly about moe.

In harem anime, the presence of a male lead means some sort of extremely corny and forced romantic development will ensue with practically every possible female character (and sometimes the male ones, too.)

CGDCT anime avoid the awkwardness of having a token male lead with a blank sheet for personality in an anime that's entirely about the girls. The fanservice scenes that are perverted when a male character is present become relatively more candid when he's nonexistent. For example:

  • No barging into girls' locker room to show them changing clothes. Now you can just show them changing clothes and talking about something random.
  • Beach episodes aren't a swimsuit competition to win the heart of the protagonist over the other girls.
  • In hot springs scenes, you don't have a scene where a background male character nobody even knows the name of introduces the protagonist to the fine art of peeking.

There's also no need to invent male friends for the male protagonist if there's no male protagonist to begin with, so the show can focus exclusively on the girls.

As a consequence, yuri fanservice in this sort of show is off the charts. Since there's no guys around, viewers can only ship girls with other girls.

Even if the show does have male characters in it, romantic relationships with male characters are either nonexistent or not given focus.

CGDCT anime are, however, different from shoujo-ai anime, where the focus is on lesbian romantic relationships. A shoujo-ai anime focuses on developing an homosexual relationship between girls, and often the drama that comes with that. It's not about moe, like CGDCT anime are.

The mere presence an homosexual relationship doesn't make an an anime shoujo-ai. You can have a CGDCT anime with a canonical girl-girl couple without the entire anime being about that couple, and just being about girls in general.


A CGDCT SOL anime would be a CGDCT slice of life anime.

Shinoda Hajime 篠田はじめ, Takimoto Hifumi 滝本ひふみ, Tooyama Rin 遠山りん, Iijima Yun 飯島ゆん, Suzukaze Aoba 涼風青葉, example of a CGDCT anime featuring OL characters.
Left: Shinoda Hajime 篠田はじめ
Middle: Takimoto Hifumi 滝本ひふみ
Top right: Tooyama Rin 遠山りん
Right: Iijima Yun 飯島ゆん
Bottom right: Suzukaze Aoba 涼風青葉
Anime: New Game! (Episode 1)
  • Context: New Game! is a series about the daily life of an OL employed in the game development industry.

Not all CGDCT are SOL. Some comedy instead, for example.

In Japanese

There's no Japanese term for CGDCT, that's something west made up on its own. You could try to translate it as a phrase, but then you'd get:

  • kawaii onna-no-ko-tachi ga kawaii koto wo suru
    Cute girls do cute things.

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