Monday, March 25, 2019


WIP: this article is incomplete and might change in the unforeseeable future.
In anime and manga, CGDCT stands for Cute Girls Doing Cute Things. That is, a series where all or most characters are cute girls, and all they do are cute things.

A CGDCT SOL anime would be a CGDCT slice of life anime. Not all CGDCT are SOL. Some CGDCT are comedy, for example.

There's no Japanese term for CGDCT, that's something west made up on its own. You could try to translate it as a phrase, but then you'd get:
  • kawaii onna-no-ko-tachi ga kawaii koto wo suru
    Cute girls do cute things.

And people would think you're an idiot for saying something like that.

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