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tsuno 角

In anime, sometimes characters have "horns," tsuno 角, protruding out of their heads. Typically, this happens when the character is a "demon," akuma, or part of the "demonic clan," mazoku 魔族.

Jin 陣, example of anime fang.
Character: Jin
Anime: Yū☆Yū☆Hakusho 幽☆遊☆白書 (Episode 39)


The word tsuno 角 means a "horn," or "horns" in the plural. It may also refer to other horn-like protrusions, such as the tentacles of a snail.

Note that the English word "horn" has other meanings. See "horn" in Japanese for a list of senses and translations.

なんかツノ生えたー!! あと尻尾!! 生えてる はえそろってるーー 意思でうごくーー!!
Manga: Machikado Mazoku まちカドまぞく (Volume 1, Page 10, 体で学べるてこの原理)
  • Context: Yoshida Yuuko 吉田優子, Shamiko シャミ子, grew horns and a tail overnight.
  • nanka tsuno haeta--!!
    Horns sprouted [out]!!
  • ato shippo!!
    [Also] a tail!!
  • haeteru
    [They're] sprouted. (literally.)
  • hae-sorotteru--
    [They're both] sprouted.
    • A compound verb from haeru and sorou 揃う, "to complete [a set]," in the sense that horns and tail make a full set.
  • ishi de ugoku--!!
    [They] move by will--!! (literally)
    • In the sense Shamiko can move them like she can move a limb, i.e. they're part of her body.


The kanji of tsuno 角 is also used to write kado 角, which means a "corner" instead. That is, these two words are homographs.

  • machi-kado
    "Town corner." Corner of a street of a town.


In anime, characters with horns tend to be oni, a type of apparition in Japanese folklore.

Anime girls with horns in general can be called tsunokkoっ娘, while the oni specifically onikko 鬼っ娘.

Lum ラム, example of anime character with "fangs," kiba 牙.
Character: Lum ラム
Anime: Urusei Yatsura うる星やつら (Episode 1, 町に石油の雨がふる)

Besides the oni, horns are also common in monster girls.

Example of "succubus," sakyubasu サキュバス.
Character: unnamed
Anime: Demi-chan wa Kataritai, 亜人ちゃんは語りたい (Episode 1)
  • The monster common type of monster girl. Known as:
  • sakyubasu
  • inma
    Lewd demon.
  • muma
    Dream demon.
Incubus インキュバス, example of "horns," tsuno 角.
Character: Incubus インキュバス
Anime: Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san. Z, よんでますよ、アザゼルさん。Z (Season 2) (Episode 12)
  • inkyubasu
    Incubus. The male variant of the succubus.

Monster girl characters that have horns also may have a cute "fang," kiba, "tail," shippo 尻尾, and "wings," tsubasa 翼, and pointed ears, known as "elf ears," erufu-mimi エルフ耳, or akuma-mimi 悪魔耳, "demon ears."

Lilith リリス striking a  tehe pero てへぺろ pose.
Character: Lilith リリス
Anime: Machikado Mazoku まちカドまぞく (Episode 8)
Yoshida Yuuko 吉田優子, Shamiko シャミ子, example of cute anime fang.
Character: Yoshida Yuuko 吉田優子, Shamiko シャミ子
Anime: Machikado Mazoku まちカドまぞく (Episode 1)
Valac Clara ウァラク・クララ, example of "jagged teeth," gizaba ギザ歯.
Character: Valac Clara ウァラク・クララ
Anime: Mairimashita! Iruma-kun 魔入りました!入間くん (Episode 3)

Surprisingly, they're not all demons. Some just look like demons.

Ashido Mina 芦戸三奈, example of black sclerae, kuroshirome 黒白目.
Character: Ashido Mina 芦戸三奈
Anime: Boku no Hero Academia 僕のヒーローアカデミア (2019) (Episode 18, 文化祭)

Hand Sign

The corna コルナ is a hand gesture signifying horns, and the devil, and the evil, among other things. It looks like this:

Shinra Kusakabe 森羅日下部 doing a "corna" hand sign, koruna コルナ.
Character: Shinra Kusakabe 森羅日下部
Anime: En'en no Shouboutai 炎炎ノ消防隊 (Episode 18)
  • Context: Shinra awakens.
  • rokku-n-rooru!!
    Rock 'n' roll!!
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