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Noogie: Rubbing Knuckles Against Someone's Head (atama guri-guri 頭ぐりぐり)

In anime, sometimes a character rubs their knuckles against another's head to punish them. In English, this is called a "noogie."(

See head pat for the softer sort of head rubbing.

Left: Nohara Misae 野原みさえ
Right: Nohara Shinnosuke 野原新の助
Anime: Crayon Shin-chan, クレヨンしんちゃん (Episode 1)

How to Say in Japanese

To say "noogie" in Japanese:(

  • atama wo kobushi de guri-guri suru
    To do guri-guri on [someone's] head using [your] fists. (literally.)
    To rub your knuckles against someone's head.
  • atama guri-guri
    Noogie. The act of guri-guri'ng someone's atama.
  • guri-guri
    A small but forceful swirling, spinning movement.
    (mimetic word.)
Yuno ゆの, example of guriguri-me グリグリ目, "swirling eyes."
Anime: Hidamari Sketch, ひだまりスケッチ (Episode 1)

It's also known as:(グリグリ攻撃)

  • guriguri kougeki
    guriguri attack.
    • Specially used in Crayon Shin-chan, with Misae punishing Shinnosuke, giving it an image that adults use this technique to punish misbehaving children.
  • umeboshi
    Pickled dried plum.
    • Possibly because placing umeboshi on the temples (where you put knuckles in this attack) is a remedy for headache in folk medicine.(ウメボシ)


For reference, some examples of noogies in anime:

Aizawa Eiko 相沢栄子 punishes Ika Musume イカ娘 with a noogie (atama guri-guri 頭ぐりぐり).
Top: Aizawa Eiko 相沢栄子
Bottom: Ika Musume イカ娘
Anime: Shinryaku! Ika Musume 侵略!イカ娘 (Episode 1)
Top: Maaka Ren 真紅煉
Bottom: Maaka Karin 真紅果林
Anime: Karin かりん (Episode 12, Altered)
  • Context: Ren punishes his younger sister.
  • bata-bata
    Flapping. (like her arms.)
    (mimetic word.)


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