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Types of Moe

WIP : this article is incomplete and might change in the unforeseeable future.
For reference, a list of a Japanese words, tags, labels, etc. associated with moe 萌え and moe attributes.

Basic Vocabulary

moe e
A moe drawing. (not a story, etc.)

moe goe
A moe voice.

moe shichueeshon
A moe situation.

moe shigusa
A moe mannerism. Quirk.

moe youso
A moe element. (anything that's moe in anything, may be literally anything)

moe zokusei
A moe attribute. A type of moe a fan associates with.
(like fire, water, etc. attributes in games.)

moe pointo
A moe "point." (of a character. Like a charm point)

gyappu moe
Gap moe. Any time one part of a character, situation, setting, or relationship leads you to believe something, but a second part contradicts your expectation. For example: a cruel, evil assassin that has a soft spot for cats.


Here's a list of attributes that have been considered moe by someone.


Hair Colors

kami no iro 髪の色. kami iro 髪色.
Hair's color. Hair color.

kurokami 黒髪
Black hair.

kinpatsu 金髪. burondo ブロンド
Golden hair. Blonde.

aogami 青髪
Blue hair.

chapatsu 茶髪
Brown hair.

orenjigami オレンジ髪
Orange hair.

akage 赤毛
akagami 赤髪
Red hair (humans). Red fur (animals)
Red hair.

ginpatsu 銀髪
Silver hair.

Hair Length

kami no nagasa 髪の長さ
Hair's length. Hair length.

shotto hea ショートヘア
Short hair.

Hair Features

ahoge アホ毛
"Idiot hair." Cow lick.

enpera えんぺら
"Squid fin." (flaps on the top part of a squid)
Refers to medium and long hair that's stuck on a scarf or shirt collar, so when it falls it makes a bend that looks like a squid fin. (example illustration on Pixiv)
This is kind of a meme. Someone said "the 'squid fin' on girls head look cute, I wish there was a name for it" and that's how the name for it was born.

kami bura 髪ブラ
Hair bra.
When a female character is topless, and her long hair conveniently covers her breasts like a bra.

Hair Cuts

okappa おかっぱ (お河童)
Bob cut. Bobbed hair.
(called this because it looks like the head of a kappa)

odango おだんご (お団子)
Bun. Buns.
(called this because the buns look like dango)

shagii シャギー

kusekke 癖っ毛
Unruly hair.

kurokami rongu 黒髪ロング
Long black hair.

Outfits & Looks

ishou chenji 衣装チェンジ
"Costume change."
Characters that change costume (like with transformation sequences, etc.)

oshare heta オシャレ下手
"Inferior style."
Someone with very bad skills to look stylish. That wears weird clothes think they look cool.

gosu rori ゴスロリ
goshikku ando roriita ゴシック・アンド・ロリータ
Gothic lolita. Gothic & lolita.

Worn on Head

kachuusha カチューシャ
Katyusha. A horse-shoe shaped hairband made of plastic or metal.

kaburimono かぶりもの (被り物)

Worn on Face

keshou 化粧.
meiku メイク. meiku appu メイクアップ

kata-megane 片眼鏡
monokuru モノクル

gantai 眼帯

kamen 仮面
Mask. Disguise. (written as "temporary face.")

Worn on Neck

kubiwa 首輪
Collar. Choker. Necklace. "Neck ring."

Worn on Top

shichibu sode 七分袖
Three-quarter sleeves.

seetaa セーター
Sweater. Jumper.

tate seetaa 縦セーター
Sweater with vertical lines. "Vertical sweater."

jaaji ジャージ

Worn on Bottom

koshi pan 腰パン
Sagging (pants). Wearing pants lower than normal. Often associated with gang characters.

Worn on Chest & Breasts

sarashi さらし (晒)
Bleached cotton.
White bandages wrapped around chest. Sometimes worn by female characters to cover their breasts.

Worn on Crotch

shitagi 下着

shima pan 縞パン
shimashima pantsu 縞々パンツ
Striped panties.

pansuto goshi no pantsu パンスト越しのパンツ
sutokkingu goshi no pantsu ストッキング越しのパンツ
"Panties through pantyhose."
(often in illustrations) where a character's panties can be seen through their pantyhose.

Worn on Legs

kata-ashi niiso 片足ニーソ
Single-leg "knee-high socks." (nii sokkusu ニーソックス)
Instead of wearing them on both legs, only wear it on one.

shima niiso 縞ニーソ
boodaa oobaa nii sokkusu ボーダーオーバーニーソックス
Stripped knee-high socks.

sutokkingu ストッキング

gaataa beruto ガーターベルト
Garter belt.

kurosuto 黒スト
kuro pansuto 黒パンスト
kuroi pantyii sutokingu 黒いパンティーストッキング
Black pantyhose. "Black panty stocking."

suppatsu スパッツ
Leggings. Short leggings. "Spats." (not the shoes)

Worn on Skin

irezumi 入れ墨 / irezumi 刺青
tatouu タトゥー

Not Worn

zenra 全裸
Nude. Naked.

suashi 素足
nama ashi 生足
Bare feet. Bare legs. Barefoot.

Swimsuit & Beach

sukuuuru mizugi スクール水着
suku mizu スク水
School swimsuit.

kyouei mizugi 競泳水着
Competitive swimming swimsuit.

kyoupan 競パン
Swim briefs.

kyoupan musume 競パン娘
A girl that wears swim briefs.

ukiwa 浮き輪
"Float ring." Swim ring. Life buoy (must be ring-shaped). Life belt. (ring-shaped!)
That inflatable donut you wear around your torso so you float in the pool or sea.

Japanese Clothing

kimono 着物
(take a guess)

juban 襦袢
Something that looks like a soft, white kimono (sometimes semi-transparent), but is actually worn under a kimono.

jinbei 甚平. jinbee 甚兵衛
Jimbei. Summer clothes for men, usually trousers and a light jacket.

Whole Body

kigurumi 着ぐるみ
Costume you wear by entering inside and zipping it. Normally of a cartoon character.

gakuran 学ラン
Male school uniform, normally a black jacket with tall collar and loose trousers.

suutsu スーツ
Suit. (business suit, etc.)

oobaaooru オーバーオール
Overall. (kind of working clothes)


kosupure コスプレ

santafuku サンタ服
Santa clothes. (Christmas). Mainly red with white.

seifuku 制服
Uniform. (of any kind)

gunpuku 軍服
Military uniform.

gunpuku wanpiisu 軍服ワンピース
gunpuku-fuu wanpiisu 軍服風ワンピース
Military-style "one piece." (not a swimsuit, more like a dress, top, long sleeves, and skirt, all in one single piece of clothing)


epuron エプロン

oopun fingaa guroobu オープンフィンガーグローブ
"Open finger glove." Open-fingered gloves.


gakki 楽器
Musical instrument.

gitaa joshi ギター女子
"Guitar girl." A girl who carries around a guitar.

sensu 扇子
Folding fan.

jitensha 自転車

kuruma isu 車椅子
Wheelchair. "Car chair."

Professions & Occupations

kunoichi くノ一
Female ninja.

samurai サムライ (侍)
(take a guess)

sarariiman サラリーマン
"Salary-man." Office worker.

Office Lady.

seijika 政治家

shitsuji 執事

Pretty Characters Only

aidoru アイドル

kanban musume 看板娘
"Billboard girl." A girl that attracts customers to a shop, usually by standing in front of it.

seiyuu 声優
Voice actor. (the character is a voice actor)
gakusei 学生

shougakusei 小学生
Elementary school student.

chuugakusei 中学生
Middle-school student.

koukousei 高校生
High-school student.

joshi chuugakusei 女子中学生
Middle-school girl.

joshikousei 女子高生
High-school girl.

seitokaichou 生徒会長
Student council president. Students' committee chief.

iinchou 委員長
Chairman of a committee.
(in moe and anime, normally a school committee made of students)

sensei 先生
Teacher. (may also refer to an artist or writer)

ryoubo 寮母
Dorm mother.


ishi 医師. isha 医者.

joi 女医
Doctor, who's a woman.

kangoshi 看護師.
naasu ナース
Hospital nurse.

kangofu 看護婦
Female nurse.


shisutaa シスター
shuudoujo 修道女
"Sister." Nun.

shinpu 神父
Catholic priest. Reverend father.

seijin 聖人


ouzoku 王族

ou 王. oujo 女王. ouhi 王妃
King. Queen. Queen (wife of a king)


enjinia-kei joshi エンジニア系女子
"Engineer-type girl."
A girl that makes inventions, fixes random stuff, occasionally explodes something, etc. This term isn't used toward serious engineer characters, only toward these caricatures. It may be considered gap moe since these genius engineers often look very stupid.

kougu-kei joshi 工具系女子
"Tool-type girl."
A girl that handles tools (like wrenches). A mechanic.
(example: Winry Rockbell)

supootsu スポーツ.
supootsu shoujo スポーツ少女
supootsu man スポーツマン
Sports girl.
Sports man.

kaitou 怪盗
Phantom thief.

kanrinin 管理人
Manager. Administrator.



koakuma 小悪魔
itazurazuki 悪戯好き
"Little devil." "Likes mischief."
A character that likes doing malicious pranks. Often enjoys laughing at the expense of others.

akujo 悪女
Evil woman. Wicked woman.

kichiku 鬼畜
Brute. Fiend. Heartless.


aho no ko アホの子
Stupid child. (not exactly derogatory when it's about moe)
A character that acts too much like a child for their age, and also doesn't look very smart.
(Clannad is full of these)

interi インテリ
Intellectual. (from Russian, "intelligentsia," interigencha インテリゲンチャ)


uzakawaii うざかわいい (ウザ可愛い)
From "noisy," uzai ウザい, or uzattai ウザったい, and "cute," kawaii 可愛い.
Someone who is both noisy and cute, or rather, who is cute because they're noisy.
An annoying character full of ego who annoys everyone and is cute somehow. (don't ask me how, I just write lists!)

kimouto キモウト
An "younger sister" (imouto) that's obsessively dependent on her older brother. Sometimes clinging and getting in the way, other times being a yandere.

One sorry... Zan'nen na...

The terms below are associated with characters that have one very good quality, but it goes to waste because of their other attributes. So it's a "really sorry thing," hontou ni zan'nen na koto 本当に残念なこと.

zan'nen na ikemen 残念なイケメン
One sorry hot guy.
The fact he's a hot guy goes to waste because of his other attributes. Example: he's a pervert who lewds on everyone, he's an otaku, he's stupid and doesn't have the smarts you'd expect, he's just weird.

zan'nen na tensai 残念な天才
One sorry genius.
The fact they're a genius goes to waste. For example, because they don't use their super-skills when they could, because they lack greed to use them for personal gain, because they're wasting their skills in a totally ridiculous thing instead of solving world hunger or something.

zan'nen na bijin 残念な美人.
zan'nen na bishoujo 残念な美少女
One sorry beautiful person.
One sorry pretty girl.
The fact they're beautiful goes to waste because of their other attributes. Example: they're an otaku, they're too stupid, etc.

Three Honest Sisters

The terms below are sometimes called sunao san shimai 素直3姉妹, "three honest sisters." The first term came up, then the second was based off the first, and the third was also made up later.

sunao kuuru 素直クール
Honest and composed. "Honest cool."
A character who's honest about their feelings and doesn't fret over everything, doesn't lose their cool. (almost the antonym of a tsundere)

sunao shuuru 素直シュール
"Honest surreal."
A character who's honest about their feelings but is so weird and acts in such way detached from reality it makes you doubt whether they're serious or just joking and going nuts. (as a meme, often portrayed confessing their love while holding a bag or cup of rice or talking about rice)

sunao hiito 素直ヒート
"Honest heat."
A character who's honest about their feelings and proffers it with a lot of energy (heat). They'll yell "I LOOOVEEEEE YOUUUuuuuuuuu...." And speak and act with an overabundance of excitement. (note it doesn't refer to being "in heat" sexually, it's just the opposite of the "cool," composed type of character)


ojousama お嬢様
Rich girl. Young lady.
(often snobby, but not necessarily. For a word that means snobby, see takabisha)

jimi kawaii 地味かわいい
Plainly cute. Someone who looks plain, but cute. Without exaggerated cuteness. Just simple. Normal. Plain.

occhokochoi おっちょこちょい
Careless person. Birdbrain.
Spaces out, forgets something, makes a mistake, then gets restless and confused. Normally walks around and around when they don't know what to do about something.

ottori おっとり
Gentle. Calm.

Quirks & Labels

kanadzuchi カナヅチ
"Hammer." Someone who can't swim and sinks like a hammer in the water.

arubino アルビノ

kikokushijo 帰国子女
Japanese person who studied abroad and has returned to Japan.

shusendo 守銭奴
Cheapskate. Someone who never wants to spend a cent.

onchi 音痴
Tone-deaf. Someone who sings badly.
Sometimes these characters know they sing bad and void singing, but then they're invited to karaoke by friends and shame ensues. Other times they are so tone-deaf they don't even realize how atrociously bad they are. And then there are times windows break and flowers die when they touch the microphone.

ame on'na 雨女 / ame otoko 雨男
"Rain woman." / "Rain man."
A person who seems to bring rain with them wherever they go. (superstition, not superpowers). When they arrive somewhere, it starts raining. So they ruin weddings, parties, etc.because of their bad luck.
(also: a female rain spirit in an old Japanese book)

kanpeki choujin 完璧超人
"Flawless superhuman."
A character who has no flaws and is superior in skill.
For example, a student school council president with perfect grades that can fight with a sword.

jakigan 邪気眼
"Malicious eye."
A meme born from a story of someone who, in middle-school, put bandages on his arm that wasn't injured, saying it was sealing his dark powers or something, then claimed to have a third eye, the jakigan, which he let see things people without a jakigan couldn't see.

shougai 障碍 (障害)
Handicap. Handicapped characters.

joushikijin 常識人
"Common-sense person."
A character with common-sense, usually the only one in middle of a bunch of weirdos.


sakenomi 酒飲み
Heavy drinker (of alcohol).

shuran 酒乱
Drunken frenzy.
Example: a character that's gentle, until alcohol is involved, then they go crazy.


oyabaka 親バカ
"Parent-stupid." (not a stupid parent)
A parent who adores their child so much they'll start bragging about their child to others and doing stuff that will just bring embarrassment to everyone involved. (see: baka after word.)

kayoi-dzuma 通い妻
A wife (tsuma) doesn't live with her husband, but instead comes and goes (kayoi) visit him.


oogui 大食い
Big eater. Eats too much.

kuishinbou 食いしん坊

gurume グルメ
Gourmet. Someone who prefers fine food. Not just tasty, but of good appearance, etc.


konpurekkusu コンプレックス
Complex. The character has some sort of complex.

shisukon シスコン
shisutaa konpurekkusu シスターコンプレックス)
Siscon. Sister complex. Obsession with their own sister.

shotakon ショタコン
Shotacon. Shota complex. Pedophile attracted to young boys (not girls).


otokonoko 男の娘
Trap, looks like a girl, but he is a guy. Androgynous male.
(this isn't read otoko no musume, it's written with musume 娘, "daughter," but read like otokonoko 男の子, "boy.")

josou 女装
(Guys) wearing "female clothing." Crossdressing.

dansou 男装
(Girls) wearing "male clothing." Crossdressing.

otome jijii 乙女ジジイ
"Maiden grandpa."
An old-man, a "grandpa," who acts like a maiden in love, timid, etc. normally toward his wife.

otenba お転婆

otoko masari 男勝り
"Surpassing men."
A female character who has surpassed men, often in physical strength or fighting skills, but may also be in anything that's considered a male thing. Often, she either brags about it or someone calls on her like "what's a girl gonna do?"

otome 漢女
A play on otome 乙女, "maiden," and otoko 漢, which, when written with that kanji specifically, is an otaku slang meaning "man among men."
So this slang, based on another slang, means a woman who acts like a "man among men." Having unparalleled strength, courage, leadership, decision-making skills, etc.
(example: Satsuki Kiryuin)

Gender change

seitenkan 性転換
Sex change. Gender bender. "Sex switch-over."


nyotaika 女体化
"Female-body-fication." Man transforming into a woman (probably through magic, but could also be in some more real way).

nantaika 男体化
"Male-body-fication." Woman transforming into a man. (counterpart of the above).


osanadsuma 幼妻
Very young bride.

arasaa アラサー
Someone around 30. (araundo saadyii アラウンドサーティー)

oyaji オヤジ
Middle-aged man. (30~60 years old)

jukujo 熟女
"Hot woman." Attractive mature lady. (30~60 years old)

Loli / Shota

shota ショタ
A "shota." Young boy. Male counterpart of "loli."
This word comes from the name of a character, Shoutarou. Sometimes authors will name shota characters "Shouta" as a reference to this. (example: Magatsuchi Shouta from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, shamelessly written as part of an oneshota relationship.)

kin shota 筋ショタ
"Muscle shota." A young boy who's muscular.

shota jijii ショタジジイ
Shota grandpa.
An old-man who looks like a young boy. (probably because he transforms into his younger self or something)


gaikokujin 外国人
Foreigner. (someone who's not Japanese).


animegoe アニメ声
"Anime voice." A voice like that of an anime character.
(young, high-pitched, clear, etc.)

Language & Dialect

kansai-ben 関西弁
Kansai dialect. (says nan'ya instead of nanda, etc.
Probably a character from the Kansai region in a Tokyo anime.

keigo 敬語
Honorific speech. (in Japanese, a certain kind of speech is used when you want to express respect to someone else, this includes words like verbs ending in masu, using degozaimasu, etc.)

Gendered Words

otoko kotoba 男言葉
Male language. Men's words.
(Japanese is kind of a gendered language, some words are used more by men than women)

orekko オレっ娘
A girl that says ore, a first person pronoun used more by men.

ore-sama オレ様
Ridiculously pompous word used by male anime characters who think they rule the world or something.
(example: Bakura from Yugioh, Vegeta, etc.)


ara ara-kei あらあら系
"Ara ara type."
Says "ara ara" too much.
(the word means almost nothing, like saying "oh my!" or "oh dear!")

su kouchou ス口調
ssu kouchou ッス口調
Character that ends phrases in su or ssu. Normally because they turn desu and masu into ssu by skipping a syllable.
Example: "[it]'s a cat!" from neko desu! 猫です! to neko-ssu! 猫っす!

shitatarazu 舌足らず


erufu mimi エルフ耳
Elf ears. Pointed ears (not necessarily of a member of the proud race of the elves)

Animal Ears

kemonomimi 獣耳
Beast ears. Animal ears.

usamimi ウサ耳
Bunny ears. (from usagi ウサギ, "bunny")

nekomimi 猫耳
Cat ears.

inumimi 犬耳
Dog ears.

kitsune mimi キツネ耳 (狐耳)
Fox ears.

ookamimimi 狼耳
Wolf ears.


Eye Colors

oddoai オッドアイ
heterokuromia ヘテロクロミア
kousai ishoku shou 虹彩異色症
"Odd eye." Eyes of different colors.
Different-color iris condition.

suigan / midorime 翠眼
Green eyes. Emerald eyes.

Eyes, Shapes, Emotions & Expressions

itome 糸目
"String eye." Slit-eyed.
A character that's drawn with eyes closed all the time, so each eye looks like one single horizontal line.
(^__^) (-___-)

kirenaga 切れ長
hosome 細目
Narrow eyes.

utsurome 虚ろ目
"Hollow eyes." (not literally)
Eyes and irises without glint / spark / light / highlight. Usually featured by mentally broken characters devoid of hope or gone insane.

guruguru me ぐるぐる目
Spiraling eyes. Often when a character is confused in anime their eyes start spinning around or just become spirals, this is the term for that.

jitome ジト目
Eyes staring with scorn.

sanpakugan 三白眼
Small irises. "Three white eye."
When a character has a small iris (instead of those enormous irises they usually have, the white of the eye (not the iris) looks bigger by comparison, hence the word. Characters with small irises in anime often look like they're angry and trying to get into fights, even when they aren't, just because of the look of their eyes.

shinda sakana no you na me 死んだ魚のような目
Eyes like those of a dead fish.
When a character's eyes are just open because they're supposed to be, but he looks like he's dead inside. He has no willpower, no excitement, and he just feels like he's living an exhaustively boring life. (example: Gintoki, of course)

konsento me コンセント目
Eyes that look like two vertical lines. (I _ I)
Comes from electric "outlet" or "socket," of which some types have two rectangular pins, so the outlets have two rectangle holes..

Body Parts

odeko おでこ

unaji うなじ (項)
Nape (of the neck).
Part on your back below your head and between your shoulders.

sakou 鎖骨

Leg. Legs.

Foot. Feet.


shippo 尻尾


oppai おっぱい
Breasts. Boobs. Tits.

oppai 雄っぱい
(male) breasts. Chest.

shitachichi 下乳
shitapai 下パイ

shinderera basuto シンデレラバスト
Cinderella bust.
Bust sizes from AAA to A cup.

kyonyuu 巨乳
Huge breasts.

bakunyuu 爆乳
Enormous breasts. (bigger than kyonyuu.)

kakure kyonyuu 隠れ巨乳
Hidden huge breasts.
A character with huge breasts that normally wears thick clothing so you don't expect them to be so big she puts on something else for a beach episode or something. (see: Demi-chan wa Kataritai)


Butt. Ass. Buttocks.

kyoshiri / kyojiri 巨尻
Huge ass.

Skin Color

hada no iro 肌の色
Color of skin.

irojiro 色白
Fair-skinned. "Color white."

kasshoku hada 褐色肌
Brown skin.

Skin Features

kizuato 傷跡

sobakasu そばかす (雀斑)

ekubo えくぼ (靨)
(not the Mob Psycho 100 character)

Complicated Specific Names

ahiruguchi アヒル口
Duck face. "Duck mouth."
(lips slightly forward, like a duck)

zettai ryouiki 絶対領域
"Absolute territory." The space of a character's thighs between a mini-skirt and knee-socks.

kubire くびれ (括れ)
Thin waist.
The word is about something that's constricted narrow in the middle. It's frequently used to talk about women's waists when they're a narrow part in the middle of their bodies.

sokeibu 鼠蹊部
The lines at the junction of the crotch with legs and hips.
( v ) The v-shaped area around the groin, specially its edges.


kyoudai musume 巨大娘
"Giant girl." Giantess.
A very tall girl (180cm~200cm) or even a ridiculously big girl (10 meters tall, 100 meters tall, bigger than Earth, etc.)

kyodai rori 巨大ロリ
"Giant loli."
A very young girl who's extremely tall for her age (160cm) who ridiculously big (the size of buildings, etc.)

Not human

monsutaa musume モンスター娘
Monster girl (often based on game monsters.)

jingai 人外
Non-human. "Outside of (what's considered) humans."
Any character's that's not a bonafide human. Gods, angels, demons, ghosts, fairies, aliens, robots, anthros, half-animals, elves, orcs, monsters, etc.

jingai musume 人外娘
Non-human Girl.

saiboogu サイボーグ

andoroido アンドロイド
hyuumanoido ヒューマノイド
hitogata robotto 人型ロボット
Person-type robot.

jinkou chinou 人工知能
Artificial intelligence. (GLaDOS is best girl!)

zonbi ゾンビ

uchuujin 宇宙人

gijinka 擬人化
Anthropomorphization. Drawing objects, animals, etc. as people.
(see: Moe Anthropomorphism)

kemono ケモノ
"Furry." Literally. Half-human, half-animal characters.

juujin 獣人Beast-person.

igyoutou / ikei-atama 異形頭
"Different-shaped head."
A character with something that's not a normal head for a head.
(example: an office boss with a cat's head for a head, but below neck he is human)


Older brother.

Older sister.

Younger brother.

Younger sister.

itoko 従兄弟
itoko 従姉妹
(male) cousin.
(female) cousin.

chichi 父. chichioya 父親

haha 母. hahaoya 母親

Other / Unsorted

kuudere クーデレ
darudere ダルデレ
tsun'aho ツンアホ
tsundere ツンデレ
nyandere ニャンデレ
See: Types of Dere

gesugao ゲス顔
Sleazy face. Usually when a character smiles like a low-life planning bad things inside his head.

geroin ゲロイン
Play on "vomiting," gero ゲロ, and "heroin."
A female character that vomits. (one time at least)

shufu 主婦

joshiryoku (butsuri) 女子力(物理)
Girl (physical) power.
Normally, joshiryoku refers to femininity, and is written as "girl power." When the word for "physics" is added, it refers to a girl with physical powers instead. Female characters that kick ass and go around defeating enemies with punches.

shojo 処女
Virgin. (female-only, male is doutei 童貞.)

hishojo 非処女
Non-virgin. (female-only.)

shojo bicchi 処女ビッチ
Virgin "bitch." (female-only.)
Girl who dresses in short skirt, heavy make-up, etc. and looks like she has had a thousand boyfriends, but hasn't really.

sumaki moe 簀巻き萌え
From the idea of wrapping something in bamboo mat (and throwing them in the river was a type of punishment).
When it comes to moe, it's about girls wrapped like a burrito in covers, blankets, etc.

seishin houkai 精神崩壊
"Mental break-down."
Mind-broken characters, who lose their minds from trauma or enormous stress.

sentoukyou 戦闘狂
"Battle craze." A character that likes fighting and battles too much. (frequent in anime, because, you know, battles)

zenmai ゼンマイ (発条)
Used in dolls, toys, etc. You wind this part, and it tries to revert back to its original form, the mechanical force of the unwinding is employed to make dolls walk around.

taisougi 体操着. taisoufuku 体操服
taiikugi 体育着. taiikufuku 体育服
undougi 運動着. undoufuku 運動服
Gym uniform. Track suit.
P.E. clothes. Physical education clothes.
Clothes for exercise.

takabisha 高飛車
takabii タカビー
Snobby. On a high horse. (calls others peasants, laughs like oh-ho-ho-ho-ho!, etc.)

takushiage kuro bikini たくし上げ黒ビキニ
A character who "rolls up" their top to reveal a "black bikini."
(yes, this is oddly specific.)

nijuu jinkaku 二重人格
Dual personality. Split personality.

tajuu jinkaku 多重人格
Multiple personalities. (probably more than two)

dazekko だぜっ娘
A girl that ends her sentences with daze だぜ.

tada ama ダダ甘
A character that "pampers" (amayakasu 甘やかす) another character endlessly. (primarily used toward characters in dating sims that pamper the player)

tatamize タタミゼ. tatamiize タタミーゼ
tatamika / jouka 畳化
Tatamization! It happens when a non-Japanese character turns into (a tatami?! Nope!) a Japanese character.
Basically, when a character introduces as a foreigner loses their foreigner quirks and becomes one with The Glorious Culture of Japan™. Or when a foreign character is drawn in fanart as if they were Japanese, wearing kimono, under futon, eating with chopsticks, etc.

dadakko 駄々っ子
A character (a child, you'd expect) that "throws a tantrum" (dada wo koneru 駄々をこねる)

tate rooru 縦ロール
Ringlets. Sausage curls. "Vertical roll;"

tanima hooru 谷間ホール
Cleavage window. "Cleavage hole."
A hole right above a character's breasts on the middle of her top, which lets you see her cleavage. This "hole" isn't necessarily ripped open. It can be part of the design of the clothing, or simply a middle button unbuttoned because the character's breasts are too big. (this happen way too often)

tabako タバコ (煙草)
Tobacco. Cigarette. (and smoking them, probably)

dabodabo seetaa だぼだぼセーター
Loose sweater. (the kind that's too large for a character, so the sleeves cover their hands)

tareme タレ目
Eyes with the outer corner lower than the inner corner, that is, near the nose it's higher, and it's a downward slope above the cheeks. These are eyes often associated with gentle or timid characters. (from tareru 垂れる, "to droop.")

(do not Google!!!)
tangan 単眼. tangan musume 単眼娘. tangan shoujo 単眼少女
monoai モノアイ
"Simple eye." "Simple eye girl."
A character with one eye. Often monstrously large. Like it covers her whole face. Not like a cyclops, which you'd imagine has one normal-sized eye above his nose, it's more like an eye that goes the left side of the left eye to the right side of the right eye. Anatomically impossible. I mean, eyes are spherical. There won't be room for her brain inside her head if her eye is the size of a melon!
Because the word is also the name of a horrible disease, do not Google this. Search on Pixiv if you need examples instead.

danchi-dzuma 団地妻
"Apartment complex wife." A wife (of somebody) that lives in a housing complex (probably together with her husband). This is the literal meaning.
The hidden meaning is: a cuckoldress (living in an apartment). A wife that cheats her husband with pretty much anyone living around, plus the milkman, the electrician, the plumber, the pizza delivery guy, the TV cable (does anybody even orders these anymore?) guy, etc. while the husband is out working.

tanpan 短パン
Shorts. "Short pants."

chiariidaa チアリーダー. chiagaaru チアガール
"Cheerleader." "Cheergirl."

chichi bukuro 乳袋
"Boob sacks." (not the same as chibukuro 乳袋, "breasts")
When a big-breasted character wears a top, gravity and the laws of physics would say that, realistically, the fabric should drape, and you wouldn't be able to see the form of her boobs like she was naked while she is clothed, however, sometimes boobs nullify the laws of physics and it looks like shirts, sweaters, etc. are designed with boobs bags on them. (so it fits just like a "glove," tebukuro 手袋)

chibikko ちびっ子. chibi チビ (禿び)
kogara 小柄
Small child. Small person.
Small build.
Anyway, a character who's small. (see: Edward Elric, 150cm)
The term chibi is also a cute way parents call little children, which is why it's a mocking way to call short people in general.

chaina doresu チャイナドレス
chaina fuku チャイナ服
"China dress." "China clothing."
Qipao. Cheongsam. Mandarin dress.

gyaru ギャル
gaaru ガール
"Gal." A fashion trend.
It varies, but a "gal" is generally a girl who dresses in excessive make-up, dyes her hair brown or blonde, and wears gaudy clothes and accessories. The bangs may be dyed in more extravagant colors like green, red, etc. Tanned skin is also a common attribute of gals. Since they're often adolescents, they're also known for speaking in a more casual way.

chara-o チャラ男
gyaru-o ギャル男
oniikei お兄系
"Gaudy man." "Gal man" (male counterpart of gyaru). "Older brother type."
Different fashion styles for men that were once popular. Fads. And fads sometimes die.

chuuseiteki 中性的
Androgynous. "Center-sex-ly."
Androgyny is the lack of male and female attributes. A character that may appear a guy or a girl at the same time is androgynous.

Note: if a trap character looks like a girl and does not look like a guy, then he isn't androgynous, he is girly. Likewise, if a tomboy character looks like a guy and does not look like a girl, then she isn't androgynous either. Androgyny is the lack of gender attributes, not the possession of the opposite gender attributes.

chuunibyou 中二病
"Middle-school second-year syndrome."
When an easily influenced kid watches too much anime and read too much manga, they end up with his horrible disease. They'll claim to have super-powers and that they use it to fight an evil secret criminal organization (JUDGMENT KNIGHTS OF THUNNNNNNDEERRRRR!!!!1) or something.

choushin 長身
koushinchou 高身長
"Long body."
"High statute."
A tall character.

tsuinteeru ツインテール
twuinte ツインテ
"Twin tails." Bunches. Pigtails (not necessarily braided)

tsuiisaidoappu ツーサイドアップ
"Twi[n tail] Side Up."
Twin tail style where the twin tails start right above the ear. The difference between this and just twin tails is that, normally, twin tails is about splitting the whole hair into two tails, while this style is a half twin tails style, it just uses the hair above the head, which means the rest of the hair is free to flow below. (source: ayane1ban-san answer on ツインテールとツーサイドアップの違いがわかりません…)

tsuketenai つけてない
"Not put on."
Often about bra / panties not being worn (but the character is wearing a skirt and top).

tsukkomi ツッコミ
Retort (after someone does something silly).
Character who are the "straight man (woman?)." They exist to stop the funny characters' insanity from plunging the world in chaos.

tsunagi つなぎ
Boiler suit. Overalls.


tsurime ツリ目
Eyes with a higher outer corner. That is, they're the shape of almonds: the bottom of the eye is lower near the nose but goes upward toward the cheeks. "Hanged" eyes (from tsuru 吊る).

tereya 照れ屋
kiyowa 気弱
hitorimishiri 人見知り
Shy person. "Shyness (house/store/artisan)"
Timid. "Weak spirit."
Anxious toward strangers. "Aware of people's sight."
Someone shy, timid, etc.

tyiibakku Tバック
"T-back." Bikini thong.

teki onna / tekijo 敵女
"Enemy woman."
Any female character that's an antagonist, an enemy, from the ultimate lord lady of evil to any small fry. This attribute is related to fanart containing violence against women (ryona, etc.), because enemies usually get beaten up in fighting anime.

dakuboko konbi 凸凹コンビ
"Odd couple." Unusual combination.
Two weird characters, together. (example: Deidara and Tobi, R2-D2 and C-3PO, Tom and Jerry)

tebukuro 手袋

tebura 手ブラ
"Hand bra." Covering bare breasts with hands.

tenkousei 転校生
Transfer student.

tenshi 天使

tenshinranman 天真爛漫
Genuine, pure, naive and innocent.
A character who has the honest heart of a child and lives brightly and without malice.

tennen 天然
tennen boke 天然ボケ
Natural stupid.
Someone born gifted with the natural talent to be stupid. Unlike the average idiot out there, this kind of character isn't trying to be stupid, he just is. He keeps doing stupid, silly things naturally.

tennen paama 天然パーマ
Natural perm.
A perm (wavy hairstyle) that's natural. The character didn't need to style their hair that way, it just turned out like that naturally.

denpa 電波
denpakei 電波系
"Electromagnetic wave (type)." "Signal (type)."
Refers to a character that often misunderstand things and has trouble communicating. They see something happen or are told something, and they imagine some unrealistic scenario (often romantic) instead of having a bit of common sense. Then they begin behaving and saying things (wink wink, nudge nudge) that make no sense to other people because they're acting under a misunderstanding.
This term is characterized by a lighting bolt striking the character or an antenna hair on their head. Like if they received a "signal" from somewhere else that triggers their delusions.

dougan 童顔
"Baby face." A character whose face looks too young for their age. (I mean, since it's anime, more young than usual)

douseiaisha 同性愛者
homo ホモ. gei ゲイ
rezubian レズビアン
"Homosexual." (correct word)
"Homo." "Gay." (slangy, may be avoided on TV)

touyou kabure 東洋かぶれ
Obsessed with (or simply liking) the orient and oriental culture.
For example, obsessed with kimono, katana, etc.
(In Japan, it's more normal to say seiyou kabure 西洋かぶれ, "obsessed with the west," Disney, Hollywood, etc.)

dokuzetsu 毒舌
"Poisoned tongue."
A character who uses abusive language, like calling others stupid, idiot, worthless insects who shouldn't be living, etc. in a mocking but humorous way. That is, the insults are true, but that's just the character personality. They are either not taken seriously by the insulted or just ignored by rolling their eyes around. Even though, literally, those are some horrible things to say.

dojikko ドジっ娘. dojikko ドジっ子.
Blunder girl. Blunder kid. (from doji ドジ, "blunder.")
A character that makes too many blunders. They trip over walking. Have things slip and drop on the floor (sometimes breaking) that they were supposed to hold. Oversleep when they're meant to go somewhere. Etc.

toshima no gyappu 年増のギャップ
"Mature woman gap."
Refers to the gap moe of older women wearing clothing for someone younger. Although the term toshima refers to ages much above 20 years old, in anime, this term ends up being applied even to 17–20 year old characters who simply have an air of maturity around them and end up wearing school girl sailor uniforms or swimsuits.

tosho iin 図書委員
"Books member."
A character (often librarian) who manages or helps manage a (school) library, often seeing sorting books and so on.

doyachichi ドヤ乳
"Priding tits." (from doyaru ドヤる, "to look satisfied or proud (for something)")
Refers to depictions where a character appears confident about her breasts by making a proud, smiling face while emphasizing her assets (often through posing or angle).

toraburu meekaa トラブルメーカー

toranjisuta guramaa トランジスタグラマー
kogara kyonyuu 小柄巨乳
"Transistor glamour."
"Petite huge breasts."
The word "glamour" here refers to the hourglass shape: huge breasts, thin waist, large hips.
Around 1955, in Japan, it was thought tall height was required for there to be "glamour" (a sexy figure). The term transistor glamour was then coined to refer to short girls who with enough flesh and attributes that could be called "glamour" in Japan at the time.
Note: in anime, some underage characters, lolis, may feature huge breasts, however, they wouldn't be considered "transistor glamour." Children being short is a matter of course. The term was created to refer to adult women with great assets that just happen to be short in height.

dorowaazu ドロワーズ. zuroosu ズロース. dorowa ドロワ
"Drawers" (type of underwear).
Bloomers (not the swimsuit).

naasu kyappu ナースキャップ
"Nurse cap." Nurse hat.

nakimushi 泣き虫
Crybaby. "Crying insect."
A character that cries too easily.

niisokkusu ニーソックス. niiso ニーソ
oobaa nii オーバーニー
saihai サイハイ
Knee-high socks. "Knee socks."
"Over knee" socks.

nikukyuu 肉球
Paw pad. Sole of the paw. "Meatball."

nipuresu ニプレス. nippuresu ニップレス
Nipple covers. Pasties (for nipples). "Nippless." (probably nip-less).
Patches, adhesives, etc. used to cover the nipples. Although they are used for exercising, etc. the term here is probably meant to topless, bra-less characters with only their nipples covered.

ningyo 人魚
Mermaid. Merman. "Person-fish."

ningyou 人形
Doll. "Person-shape."

ninja 忍者
(take a guess)

nuigurumi ぬいぐるみ (縫い包み)
Stuffed toy. Plush toy. (Teddy bear, etc.)

negao 寝顔
Sleeping face. Face of someone while they sleep.

nekutai ネクタイ

nekupai ネクパイ
From "necktie," nekutai ネクタイ, and "boobs," oppai おっぱい.
Essentially refers to neckties ending up in the very middle of the character's pair of boobs, turning the necktie into a sort of diving line between one boob and the other. If the character has huge breasts, the middle of the necktie might even get hidden behind (through) them, but the term also refers to neckties that simply add emphasis to the character assets by ending around that spot.

negurije ネグリジェ
Negligee. (light gown, etc.)

nekoshita 猫舌
"Cat tongue."
Refers to someone that can't handle hot foods. (because cats can't, I assume?)

nekkuresu ネックレス

noutenki 能天気
Someone who's carefree and optimistic, and sometimes naive and lazy. (it'll work out somehow)

noja rori のじゃロリ
"Noja loli."
Refers to loli characters that end phrases in noja のじゃ, nanoja なのじゃ, nja んじゃ, shiteoru しておる, and use the first person pronouns warawa わらわ or washi わし. All of these mannerisms are associated with princesses of the Edo period.

nodobotoke 喉仏
Adam's apple. (laryngeal prominence)

noopan ノーパン
No panties, noo pantsu ノーパンツ.
A character not wearing panties, but otherwise clothed, that is, they wear skirt, top, etc. but no panties. This term is not used toward naked characters, and it's not about genitals actually being shown. It's about the fact there's little hiding them from view.

noobura ノーブラ
"No bra." A character not wearing bra, but otherwise clothed. Often wears some some sort of top or is depicted in a way that shows underboob, sideboob, etc. so you know she isn't wearing a bra. This term doesn't refer to bare breasts or nipples showing, but instead to the fact they're almost shown.

haafu ハーフ
"Half." Refers to someone of mixed race. Like Japanese-American. (not a very good word, but oh well.)
Such characters usually end up going to Japan without knowing much about the Japanese culture, and maybe without even speaking Japanese right. They're also usually rich ojousama お嬢様 characters or have some similar background, and have blonde hair to show how not-Japanese they are.
May also refer to Half-Elf, Half-Vampire, etc., mixes of fantasy creatures.

haafu-appu ハーフアップ
haafu-appu-haafu-down ハーフアップ・ハーフダウン
"Half up." "Half up, half down."
A kind of hairstyle where part of the hair is tied around the back of the head, up, but the other part of the hair falls down naturally.

baiku バイク
ootobai オートバイ
"Bike" "Auto-bi[cycle]." In Japanese, baiku usually refers to motorbikes, not bicycles (which would be instead called jitensha 自転車).

paisurasshu π/
(yeah, "π/", the number "pi" and slash, not a typo)
paisurasshu パイスラッシュ
paisura パイスラ
"Pi slash." When the strap of a backpack diagonally across a girl's chest emphasizes the volume of her breasts.
Like o\o or o/o.
Straps of weapons, quivers, seat belts, etc. also count so long as they go diagonally in the middle of the breasts.

haitenai はいてない
"[She's] not wearing [panties!]." (from haku 履く, "to put on lower-body clothing.")
In the past, anime used to have panty shots as a form of fanservice. Such shots faced a ton of criticism, leading artists to give up on panties and evolve into a new, more advanced form of fanservice: haitenai.
Basically, they don't draw the panties. You don't see them. Ever. But the camera angle is always either from the side, or the character's leg or skirt or whatever covers where the panties were supposed to be. In such way you never have definitive proof of whether the character is wearing panties that you never see or they aren't wearing panties at all and that's why you don't see them. (see: Aqua from Konosuba.)

hai-tenshon ハイテンション
"High-tension." (in Japanese, tenshon テンション is a wasei-eigo word from "tension," but it means "excited" like "with energy" and not "tense" as in "anxious.")
A character full of energy, hyper, who shouts, yells, and moves around too much.

hai-hiiru ハイヒール

hai-regu ハイレグ
hai-regu-katto ハイレグカット
High-leg. High-leg cut. (bikini, etc.)

pairotto suutsu パイロットスーツ
Pilot suit.

baka バカ

paaka パーカ
paakaa パーカー
"Parka." (often refer to hoodies.)

A type of traditional Japanese clothing that can be worn over kimono. In essence, imagine a skirt that ties somewhere around the waist and falls all the way down to your feet, that's more or less a hakama.

hakui 白衣
White coat. (worn by doctors, cooks, etc. See: Steins;Gate.)

hage 禿

pajama パジャマ

hadaka epuron 裸エプロン
"Nude apron." Wearing only an apron.

hadaka nekutai 裸ネクタイ
"Nude necktie." Wearing only a necktie.

hadaka ribon 裸リボン
"Nude ribbon." Wearing naked and wrapped in a ribbon.

hadaka waishatsu 裸ワイシャツ
"Nude white-shirt." Wearing only a white shirt.

hakkou 薄幸
Unhappiness. Misfortune.

hattatsu shougai 発達障碍
Development disorder. (e.g. ADHD.)

pattsun ぱっつん
Straight-cut bangs.

hanadi 鼻血

hana chouchin 鼻ちょうちん
You know when a character is dozing off and something like a bubblegum bubble starts coming off of their nose? That.

hanamizu 鼻水

hanamegane 鼻眼鏡
Pince-nez glasses. A style of glasses from the 20th century. Theodore Roosevelt wore them once.
Groucho glasses. Those costume glasses that have a big fake nose in them. Sometimes with a mustache too.

baniigaaru バニーガール
"Bunny girl" costume.

hane はね
Wings (bird, insect.)
Feathers. Plumage.


babaa ババア
Old woman. Granny.

babumi バブみ
Motherliness from a younger girl.
Basically, imagine a boy running to his mother sobbing because someone told him some vulgarities in Fortnite, and now imagine the mother hugging him and head-patting and saying "everything will be daijoubu." Now imagine that's not his mom, it's his wife, and he's older than her, and he's sobbing because someone else got a promotion and not him. Well, there you go.
It's the idea of being spoiled like a child or a baby by an younger girl. bosei 母性, "motherliness," would be normal word for any age.
This babumi comes from babuu バブー, which is a sound babies make. So I suppose it's a girl that makes you feel like saying babuu or something.

haraguro 腹黒
Someone with a nasty personality inside that pretends to be a normal person when socializing. Generally used toward one of the good guys, not the villains. They often say something when they mean another, while scheming inside thought bubbles. Like: "That's great. (it's awful.)"
Example: Okita Sougo, from Gintama.

harapeko はらぺこ
(well, probably not hunger itself, but scenarios with hungry characters usually leads to a gleeful and thankful feast. Usually.)

banjou pantsu 万乗パンツ
Panties, often white, with a little ribbon on front.
This comes from the name of the author of DANDOH!!, Banjou Daichi 万乗大智, because the panty-shot scenes often had white panties with ribbon.

bansoukou 絆創膏
bandoeido バンドエイド. kattopan カットバン. ribateepu リバテープ. sabio サビオ. kizupan キズバン.
Adhesive bandage. Band-aid, etc. (the other words above are other Japanese brands of adhesive bandage.)
Those adhesives you put over cuts or injuries.

bandana バンダナ
Bandana. Head accessory; a strip of cloth tied around one's head.

hantoumei 半透明

han-me 半目
Half-open "eyes. Bedroom eyes.

hikikomori 引きこもり
Shut-in. Someone, often anti-social, that doesn't leave their home or room.

bikini ビキニ

hige ヒゲ
Facial hair. Beard. Mustache.


hizaura 膝裏
Area behind the knees. Popliteal fossa.

hizatake sukaato 膝丈スカート
midhi sukaato ミディスカート
midhiamu sukaato ミディアムスカート
"Knee-length skirt." "Mid skirt." "Medium skirt."

hisho 秘書

bishoujo 美少女
Beautiful girl.

bishounen 美少年
Beautiful boy.

bijin 美人
"Beautiful person." Beautiful woman (99.99% of the time.)

hidarikiki 左利き
Left-handed. (i.e. uses left-hand to write, etc.)

bichuunen 美中年
Beautiful middle-aged (man.) A man of certain age (40 and above.) that appears much younger than he actually is, and much more beautiful than you'd expect.
(fun fact: Keanu Reeves turned 50 years old in 2 of September, 2014, fifteen days before the movie John Wick was released.)

List of Relationships

A list of types of relationships that can be considered moe.

Core Idea

yuujou 友情
(friends, teammates, nakama 仲間, sworn brothers)

kazoku ai 家族愛
Familial love.
(brothers and sisters, parents and children, cousins)

ren'ai kanjou 恋愛感情
Feelings of romantic love.
(boyfriend / girlfriend, husband / wife)


chuuseishin 忠誠心
(servant to master, retainer to lord, fan to idol or hero)

ongi 恩義
Debt of gratitude.
(toward saviors, heroes, by victims of kidnappings, attacks, freed slaves)

keiyaku 契約
(verbal or signed contracts with rules that a either or both parties must abide)

himitsu no kyouyuu 秘密の共有
Shared secret.
(something nobody else knows that brings character together)


tekii 敵意
(for some people, characters that hate each other are moe)

nikuyoku 肉欲
Carnal lust.

shitto 嫉妬
(specially found in love triangles)


osananajimi 幼馴染
Childhood friend.

nakama 仲間
Friends, colleagues, comrades, etc. related by the same goal or that work together

kusare en 腐れ縁
"Rotten fate." Undesirable but unavoidable friendship.

soudan aite 相談相手
Adviser. A friend you can consult with.

tomodachi ijou koibito miman 友達以上恋人未満
More than friends, less than lovers.

sefuru セフレ
sekkusu furendo セックスフレンド
Sex friend. Friend with (sexual) benefits.

Guy Friends Only

gikyoudai 義兄弟
Sworn brothers.

buromansu ブロマンス

Text Friends

buntsuu 文通
penparu ペンパル
Correspondence (friends)
Pen pals.

koukan nikki 交換日記
Exchange of diaries (between friends)

meru tomo メル友
E-mail friend. E-mail pen pal. (internet relationship)

Loyalty / Contract

shujin to meido 主人とメイド
Master and maid.

shujin to shitsuji 主人と執事
Master and butler.

shujin to dorei 主人と奴隷
Master and slave.

kainushi to petto 飼い主とペット
Pet-owner and pet.
(normally from "I'll make you my pet" and not about actual animals)

kifujin to kishi 貴婦人と騎士
Lady and knight.
(lady is a female lord; wife, daughter of lord, princess, etc.)


Mostly in yaoi / BL gay relationships, but to a lesser extent in yuri lesbian relationships, and straight relationships, the terms seme 攻め and uke 受け are used to refer to the sexual roles of characters in a relationship.

The types of seme 攻め and uke 受け have already been explained in its post, so they won't be included here.

Differences & Similarities Between Characters

Certain relationships also enable certain moe elements related to the "difference," sa 差, between two characters.

shinchousa 身長差
Height difference. Size difference.

taikakusa 体格差
Physique difference. (usually same as size)

nenreisa 年齢差
Age difference.

oneshota おねショタ
Older female character (oneesan) and shota.

shotaone ショタおね
Same as above, but the shota takes lead in the relationship. (a sort of gap moe.)

onishota おにショタ
Older male character (oniisan) and shota.

onerori おねロリ
Older female character (oneesan) and a loli. (and so on.)

mibunsa 身分差
"One's place" difference. (social status, example: peasant and nobility)

shuzokusa 種族差
Race difference. Tribe difference. Species difference.

jumyousa 寿命差
Life span difference.
(example: a human and a dragon being that lives for centuries)

pearukku ペアルック
"Pair look." (two characters that match their outfits)

School Relationships & Education

kurasumeito クラスメイト

doukyuusei 同級生
Classmates (of same grade)

senpai to kouhai 先輩と後輩
Senior and junior (different school years in this case)

kyoushi to seito 教師と生徒
Teacher and student.

katei kyoushi to seito 家庭教師と生徒
Private tutor and student.

Work Relationships

douryou 同僚

joshi to buka 上司と部下
Superior and inferior. (organization hierarchy, boss and employee, etc.)

yakuin to hisho 役員と秘書
Official and secretary.
chiimumeito チームメイト

senshu to maneejaa 選手とマネージャー
Player and manager.

senshu to koochi 選手とコーチ
Player and coach.

senshu to kantoku 選手と監督
Player and supervisor.

batterii バッテリー
Battery. (Baseball). Pitcher and catcher.

Police, Crime & Investigation

keiji to hanzaisha 刑事と犯罪者
Police detective and criminal.

tantei to han'nin 探偵と犯人
Detective and culprit.

tantei to kaitou 探偵と怪盗
Detective and phantom thief.
(just imagine a Carmen Sandiego anime for otaku!)

tantei to joshu 探偵と助手
Detective and assistant.


boke to tsukkomi ボケとツッコミ
Silly idiot doing stupid things and "straight-man" making remarks.

robotto to seisakusha ロボットと製作者
Robot and creator.

kuroon to orijinaru クローンとオリジナル
Clone and original.

tenshu to jouren 店主と常連
Shopkeeper and regular costumer.

geinoujin to maneejaa 芸能人とマネージャー
Performer and manager.


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