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~ku naru ~くなる - Meaning in Japanese

In Japanese, ~ku naruくなる (~ku ~く adverbial copula plus naru なる) means "will become X" or "will be X" when ~ku is attached to the stem of an i-adjective; when it's attached to the negative form a verb (~naku naru ~なくなる), it means "will stop being" or "will stop doing," in the sense of "used to do it, but won't do it anymore" instead.

  • {akaku} naru
    To become {red}.
    • akai 赤い is an i-adjective for the color "red."
  • {awanaku} naru
    To stop {meeting}. (in the sense of we used to meet, but we won't be meeting anymore.)
    • au 会う, "to meet."
  • {arukenaku} naru
    To stop being {able to walk}.
    • arukeru 歩ける, "to be able to walk," potential form of aruku 歩く, "to walk."
まあ そうかたくなるな 言った通り手伝ってほしいだけなのだ 我が輩の食事を
Manga: Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro 魔人探偵 脳噛ネウロ (Chapter 1, 手【て】)


See the article about naru なる for details about grammar and conjugation. This article is for examples only.

The phrase ~ku suru ~くする is the causative counterpart of ~ku naru.

The phrase ~ni naru ~になる is used with na-adjectives and no-adjectives (nouns). These words take the da だ copula, which becomes the ni に adverbial copula, while i-adjectives have the ~i ~い copula, which becomes the the ~ku ~く adverbial copula.

The phrase ~nai you ni naru ~ないようになる is synonymous with the ~naku naru ~なくなる used with verbs. The phrase ~you ni naru ~ようになる is used with verbal stative predicates (stative verbs, habitual predicates), as verbs lack an adverbial form which naru requires, however the negative form is conjugated like an i-adjective, which does have an adverbial form (~ku), allowing the negative form to be used with naru without the ~you ~よう auxiliary.


まあ そうかたくなるな 言った通り手伝ってほしいだけなのだ 我が輩の食事を
Manga: Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro 魔人探偵 脳噛ネウロ (Chapter 1, 手【て】)
  • Context: Nougami Neuro 脳噛ネウロ threatens calms Katsuragi Yako 桂木弥子.
  • maa, {sou kataku} naru na
    まあ そうかたくなる
    [Now], don't become {so [nervous]}.
    • katai
      Solid. Hard. Stiff.
      Formal. Uncomfortable. Nervous.
  • {itta} toori te-tsudatte hoshii dake na no da
    As [I] {said}, all [I] want is for [you] to help [me].
  • waga-hai no shokuji wo
    With my meal.
    • X wo te-tsudau
      To help with X.
    • In this series, Neuro eats mysteries, so his "meal" is a mystery, literally.
だってマイの兄貴メチャクチャカッコイイじゃ~~ん❤ 高一の時ボクシングでIH(インターハイ)までいったってなんか悪っぽくなっちゃったけどそこがまたいいって娘おおいよォ 超イケてるよォ~ あ~~~ん マサキ様❤
Manga: Holy Land, ホーリーランド (Chapter 2)
  • Context: girls talk about a guy.
  • datte Mai no aniki mechakucha kakkoii jaa~~n ❤
    [That's because] Mai's older brother is super cool~~❤
  • kou ichi no toki bokushingu intaahai made itta tte
    During first year of high school [he] even went to the boxing inter-high.
  • nanka {waruppoku}nacchatta kedo
    [He] became {sorta bad} but... (bad in the delinquent sense.)
  • {{soko ga mata ii} tte} musume ooi yoo
    Girls [who] {think {that part, too, is good}} are many.
    • i.e. many girls think him looking a like a delinquent makes him even more attractive.
  • chou iketeru yoo~~
    [He's] looking super good~~
  • a~~~n
    • *blushes*
  • Masaki-sama
    • His name.

With Negative Verbal Statives

8階から出れなくなっている・・・ ん・・・8階から出られるようになったんですか? 残念ながらまだ無理っぽい
Manga: Chainsaw Man, チェンソーマン (Chapters 15, 16)
  • Context: the characters are trapped.
  • {hachi-kai kara derenaku} natte-iru...
    [It] has become so that {[we] can't leave the eighth floor}.
    [We] are no longer able to leave the eighth floor.
  • n... {{hachi-kai kara derareru} you ni} natta-n-desu ka?
    Hmm... did [it] become {so [that] {[we] can leave the eighth floor}}?
    Hmm... can we leave the eighth floor now?
    • hachi-kai kara derareru - "[we] can leave the eighth floor."
    • derareru - potential form (including ra ら) of deru 出る.
  • zan'nen nagara mada muri-ppoi
    Unfortunately [it] seems to be still impossible.

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