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you ni suru ようにする - Meaning in Japanese

What does ~you ni suruようにする mean in Japanese?

Most likely, it means "to make [something] become in a way that does/doesn't do something," i.e. "to make [it] start doing" or "to stop doing" something; specially "to make it so it would do something" when something else happens, "to ensure" it happens in that case; or "to make it possible for [it] to do something/for something to happen;" Syntactically, this is you followed by the ni に adverbial copula modifying the verb for "to make become," suru する.

  • watashi wa {{Tarou ga rouya kara nigerareru} you ni} shita
    I made [it] {so [that] {Tarou can escape from the jail cell}}.
    I made it possible for him to escape from there.
  • {{{efekuto wo kurikku suru to} kieru} you ni} shimashita
    [I] made [it] {so [that] {{if [you] click on an effect}, [it] disappears}}.
    I made the effects disappear when clicked.


See the articles about you and suru する for a detailed explanation about the grammar. This article is mainly for examples

This phrase forms an ergative verb pair with ~you ni naru ~ようになる: "to become X."

  • {{{efekuto wo kurikku suru to} kieru} you ni} narimashita
    It became {so [that] {{if [you] click on an effect}, [it] disappears}}.
    • Note how this means the same thing, except instead of "I made it this new way," it only says "it became this new way."


はぐれないように勝手な行動はしないこと! はいっ! 他の子とケンカしないこと! はいっ!! GPIbとかをちゃんと使って飛ばされないようにすること!
Manga: Hataraku Saibou はたらく細胞 (Chapter 4, すり傷)
  • Context: "platelets," kesshouban 血小板, drawn as cute anime girls, receive their marching orders.
  • {{hagurenai} you ni} {katte na} koudou wa shinai koto!
    Do not [act on your own] {as {to not stray away}}!
    • katte
      (refers to doing things without consulting others.)
    • hagureru
      To stray away [from a group]. To lose sight of [one's group].
  • hai'!
    Yes, [ma'am]!
  • hoka no ko to kenka shinai koto!
    Do not fight with other kids!
  • hai'!
    Yes, [ma'am]!
  • {jiipiiwanbii toka wo chanto tsukatte} {{tobasarenai} you ni} suru koto!
    {Do use GPIb, etc. properly and} {ensure {[you don't get sent flying away]}}!
    • GPIb, Glycoprotein Ib, allow platelets to adhere at sites of injury.
    • tobu
      To jump. To fly.
    • tobasu
      To make [something] fly. (ergative verb pair.)
    • tabasareru
      To be made fly [by something]. (passive form.)
何でしたら入り次第お宅へお届けいたしましょうか そうしてくれる? 代金はその場で払うようにしとくから
Manga: Historie, ヒストリエ (Chapter 6, 図書室・2)
  • Context: a boy wants to buy a book, but it's out of stock.
  • nandeshitara hairi shidai otaku e otodoke itashimashou ka
    [If you want] [I] will deliver [it] to [your] house [as soon as] [it] enters [stock].
    • shidai
      Depending on. In this case, when he delivers the book depends on when it enters stock. As soon as.
  • sou shite kureru?
    [You] will do so for [me]?
  • daikin wa {{sono ba de harau} you ni} shitoku kara
    As for the payment, [I] will make [it] {so [that] {[it] is paid there}}.
    • i.e. the payment will be ready at his home for when it arrives.

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