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Oneshota おねショタ

The term oneshota おねショタ is an abbreviation of of oneesan to shota お姉さんとショタ. It refers to a kind of ship (coupling of characters) consisting of "an older girl and a shota," a scenario in fanfics and doujinshi where a female senpai, teacher, sibling or just a girl who looks older ends up in a relationship with a young boy (or it almost happens).

Example of oneshota おねショタ situation from the manga Mahou Sensei Negima! 魔法先生ネギマ!
Although the term is not necessarily hentai, (Pixiv claims there are thousands of SFW entries tagged with this), and can be associate with just romantic stories and parodies, it seems to be used more frequently in NSFW works. (Pixiv claims there are thousands more NSFW entries tagged with this).

The word oneesan お姉さん normally means "older sister," but it can also be a casual way of referring to an teenager or young adult girl, which is the case here.

Also note that the one different in age may be very little, insignificant, or completely meaningless. Remember that this is anime we're talking about here, so there are cases the "shota" is a hundreds of year old deity, or a 30 year old programmer who was reborn as a baby in an isekai, or an older teenager who took a drug that turned him into a little boy or something like that.

But, according to the Pixiv dictionary, the English term "straight shota" isn't equivalent to oneshota, as it'd also include a situation where a boy is paired with a girl that looks younger than him. The term oneshota applies only when the girl is looks older than the boy. (even if by birth-date she's younger).

An example of oneshota ship: Lucoa and Shouta from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon.

For some reason, oneshota is such a popular term that it spawned a number of related terms, like shotaone ショタおね, onishota おにショタ, onerori おねロリ, onirori おにロリ, and others. They're explained below.

Shotaone ショタおね

Normally you'd expect the oneesan in an oneshota to take the lead. When the seme-uke roles are reversed, that is, when the shota approaches the oneesan with a love letter, a confession, sexual harassment, etc. then it's shotaone instead.

An example of shotaone ship: uh... I... I don't know...? Asta and Sister Lily? Maybe?

Onishota おにショタ

The term onishota おにショタ is an abbreviation of oniisan to shota お兄さんとショタ, it's the male counterpart of oneshota. So any ship or scenario with an older guy and a young boy. That is, it's an yaoi / BL ship.

Likewise, the word oniisan お兄さん normally means "older sister," but it can also be used as a casual way to a random male teenager or young adult.

Shotaoni ショタおに

Likewiser, shotaoni ショタおに is the version where the shota takes lead instead of the oniisan.

Onerori おねロリ

The onerori pairing is a pairing of an oneesan with a loli, the loli counterpart of oneshota. (but, for some reason, oneshota seems to be used more frequently). This is an yuri ship.

Rorioni ロリおね

A scenario where the loli takes the lead approaching the oneesan.

Onirori おにロリ

The onirori pairing is a pairing of an oniisan with a loli.

Rorione ロリおに

A scenario where the loli takes lead approaching the oniisan.

Other Pairings

The other pairings found on the Pixiv dictionary. (おねショタ) I checked the ロリ entries on the dictionary, too, but I could only find more terms for shota pairings, not loli pairings. This is weird... I thought lolis were more popular than shotas...? So there should have been more terms about them instead...? Anyway:
  • mamashota ママショタ
    Mother x shota.
  • obashota おばショタ
    Older woman x shota.
    Literally aunt x shota. (obasan)
  • papashota ババショタ
    Father x shota.
  • futashota ふたショタ
    Futanari x shota. (futanari is a term for hermaphrodite)
    (this is definitely NSFW and nothing good could possibly come out of it)
  • rorishota ロリショタ
    Loli x shota.
    (apparently, mostly used to refer to a loli-like shota instead of a pairing)

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