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Words With Alphabet Letters

Since I've posted a bunch of these already, here's a list of Japanese words containing English (Latin) alphabet letters, and the respective posts which talked about them. (in no particular order)

Some of these are wasei-eigo, meaning they're made up in Japan but out of English words. Some of these are abbreviations used in English too which I included because why not.

Note that since these terms are used in Japanese, the letters are pronounced in Japanese too. See katakanized English letters for how to pronounce them.

Original Video Animation. (wasei-eigo.)
Anime that's originally sold on VHS, videotape, discs, instead of airing on TV.

Original Net Animation. (wasei-eigo.)
Anime originally streamed instead.

Original Animation Disc. (wasei-eigo.)
Anime originally bundled with manga volumes as a bonus disc.

NEET (niito ニート)
Not in Employment, Education or Training.
(not wasei-eigo, but used mostly in Japan, originally from UK, it seems.)

NG. (enujii エヌジー)
Not Good. (wasei-eigo.)
(can't air on TV, "triggers me," etc.)

joshikousei 女子高生, "high school girl," and related terms.
JK, read joukou ジョウコウ, also means "thinking with common sense," i.e. obviously, joushiki-teki ni kangete 常識的に考えて.

P (pii ピー)
Producer. (in anime, often the kind that produces idols.)
Police officer. (probably only in the manga P to JK PとJK)

H (ecchi エッチ.)
"Sexy," "lewd," "sexual,"

orz, or OTL.
A character on all fours, knees and hands on floor, defeated.

Snarky laugh net slang.
lol, lmao, rofl, etc. in Japanese.
(read as kusa 草, "grass," or warawarawarawara)

W (daburu ダブル)
Double. As in "double peace sign," daburu piisu Wピース.

Up. As in: upload.

Ok. Okay.

kuwashiku くわしく
Detailed. Used when asking someone for more details.

Anime: Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii ヲタクに恋は難しい (Episode 4)
  • soko-n-toko kwsk!
    [Tell] that part in detail.
    (contraction, incomplete sentence.)
    • soko no tokoro
      The part of there. (literally.)
      That part.
    • kuwashiku hanashite kudasai
      Please talk [about it] in detail.

wakuteka わくてか
Abbreviation of wakuwaku tekateka わくわくてかてか (you know, just like tsundere is tsuntsun-deredere. These are mimetic words so it's kinda hard to translate.)
wakuwaku is "to be excited," nervous, anxious, etc.
tekateka is "to be gleaming" shiny, specially due to sweating, etc.
Translation: something epic is going to happen so you're sweating in excitement, or something along those lines.

kitakore キタコレ
When something (usually welcome) happens.
From kitaa! キター!, "[it] came!" and kore これ, "this."

gakugaku buruburu ガクガクブルブル, to be trembling or shivering with fear, panic, etc.
gakugaku means shaking knees, and buruburu means shivering.

gkbr (the other one)
gokiburi ゴキブリ, a "cockroach."

kasoku 加速, "acceleration."
In forums, online boards, etc. the act of a thread "picking up speed" by getting more comments.

QK. (kyuukei キューケイ)
kyuukei 休憩, a "break" or "pause" for rest. Intermission.

KY (keewai ケーワイ)
kuuki yome 空気読め, "read the air!" (imperative)
kuuki yomenai 空気読めない, someone who "can't read the air."
Reading the air in Japanese means to get social clues, that is, someone who doesn't read the air is someone who gets in the middle of a lovey-dovey couple and doesn't leave immediately, doesn't realize they're unwanted, says or does something they shouldn't because it's awkward or intruding, etc.

aete kuuki yomanai あえて空気読まない
Doesn't read the air, on purpose.
(someone who doesn't even try to read the air, whether they're capable of doing so or not.)

maji kuuki yomanai まじ空気読まない
chou kuuki yomenai 超空気読めない
Seriously doesn't read the air.
Super can't read the air.

kuuki yomeru 空気読める
Can read the air. (finally!)

PK (piikee ピーケー)
pureyaa kiru プレヤー・キル, "player kill."
pureyaa kiraa プレヤー・キラー, "player killer."
In an online game, MMORPG, etc. players killing players, in PvP (player vs. player), instead of killing whatever else, PvE (player vs. environment.).

PK (the other one)
pantsu kuikomu パンツ食い込む
Wedging underpants. (yes, seriously. I have no idea how it came to mean this. Or why. Or how you're supposed to use this in a conversation. But it exists, somehow. The internet is a weird place.)

OL (ooeru オーエル)
BG (biijii ビージー)
Office Lady.
Business Girl.
(wasei-eigo, the elusive female salaryman.)
(nowadays OL is preferred instead of BG.)

SNS (esu-enu-esu エスエヌエス)
Social Networking Service. Social media, websites, etc.

ドS (do-esu ドエス)
Super sadist. Often used in a sarcastic way.

S (esu エス)

ドM (do-emu ドエム)
Super masochist.

M (emu エム)

DT (dhii-thii ディーティー)
A "(male) virgin," doutei 童貞.

netorare 寝取られ, netori 寝取り and netorase 寝取らせ.
Terms related to having affairs and taking other people's women (or men, etc.).
(which abbreviation is which word may vary.)

Transsexual Fiction.

MtF. FtM. MtX, FtX
GID, Aセクシャル
See the LGBT terms post, terms containing letters section.

BL, GL, ML, NL, TL. (biieru ビーエル, etc.)
Boys' Love. Girls' Love. Men's Love. Normal Love. Teens' Love.
Romance fiction genres.
(wasei-eigo, "Boys' Love" wasn't a genre, Japan made it up, then the west imported it.)

Retweet. You know, on Twitter. It's like a share on Facebook. Or a reblog on Tumblr. Which is basically a repost, but somehow different. Which is like when someone posts something, and you post it, again, but they've already posted it, so you haven't posted it for the first time, you've posted it, again, re, posted, get it? But it's with tweets. So someone tweets something and you tweet that tweet so you retweet because you tweeted the tweet, again.

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