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Ryona リョナ

NSFW: this article may contain words or images you'd rather not have your boss see.
You don't want to know what this means. Seriously, turn back. Go away.

Alright, then, fine, if you insist.


The term ryona リョナ refers to stories, drawings, games, etc.that feature female characters getting beaten or harmed i an number of ways. Essentially, imagine a game such as Resident Evil or Tomb Raider with a female protagonist, but instead of winning, she is defeated. The ryona genre graphically depicts her defeat.

And yes, ryona is mostly a hentai pornographic term.

What The Fuck?!

Yeah, dude, what the actual fuck indeed. Thank kamisama I only have, like, one last of these sick terms to write about before I'm done with this. This isn't even some do-S kind of thing, this is... I'm not even sure what this is.


By the way, ryona is not what a normal person would say to mean "violence" in Japanese. The term ryona is an internet slang used by anime fans and has nothing to do with real life.

Normally, "violence" is bouryoku 暴力, and to "use violence" against someone is bouryoku wo furu 暴力を振る. The origin of the term ryona has nothing to do with this and is written further below. (you don't really want to read it, trust me.)

Reverse Ryona, Gyaku-Ryona 逆リョナ

Since the term ryona refers to women getting beaten, it doesn't apply when male heroes are defeated. In this case, the term reverse ryona, or gyaku-ryona 逆リョナ, is used instead. This works in the same fashion as "reverse harem," gyaku haaremu 逆ハーレム.

In simple terms: ryona is Chun-Li getting beaten by Balrog, and gyaku-ryona is the reverse happening: Balrog getting beaten by Chun-Li.

Ryonaraa リョナラー

Someone who likes ryona is called a ryonaraa リョナラー in Japanese.

This is similar to how someone who likes furry art, kemono ケモノ, is called a kemonaa ケモナー, a "furry."

Types of Ryona

I realize the basic definition of the word doesn't give you a good idea of what we're talking about here, so here are some examples of ryona, taken from the Pixiv Dictionary (リョナ).
  • Characters beaten (bruised) in a fighting game (Street Fighter, etc.)
  • A heroine (or hero) from an anime or series (like Power Rangers) being in a pinch! (dubbed hiroipin ヒロピン, may involve being restrained in chairs, by tentacles, etc. and implies she needs someone to save her from the pinch because she can't do it by herself.)
  • Spies getting tortured in a torture room for information.
  • Robots (androids) getting broken apart. (Genos? Is this about Genos?)
  • Deities, angels, fairies, etc. getting sealed by mediums (read: Ghost Busters!)
  • Zombies (or zombie-turned girls) getting eaten by larvae. (Holy fuck?!)

Related tags on the dictionary:
  • harapan 腹パン
  • ryona no kane リョナの鐘
    Ryona's bell. Tying someone to a large bell and hitting them with a wood log (on the stomach) to ring the bell, probably 108 times. It seems to be a recurring theme every new year.
    (an obvious reference to joya no kane 除夜の鐘, "new year eve's bell," a Buddhist tradition in Japan to ring a large bell 108 on the night of new year's eve because there are 108 sins. Of course, the Buddhist tradition doesn't include tying someone to the bell.)
  • sankaku mokuba 三角木馬
    Triangular wooden horse.
    (Historically an actual torture device which was used on women, nowadays a BDSM device.)
  • mizuzeme 水責め
    Water-torture. (any water-related tortured, drowning, etc.)
  • marunomi 丸呑み
    [A monster] swallowing whole [a person.]
  • sennou 洗脳
    Brainwashing. (the meaning of the kanji is literally "wash brain.")
  • shikkin 失禁
  • shisshin 失神

And here are the examples from Wikipedia (リョナ)
  • Long-term confinement, bondage, causing psychological pain.
  • Brought (somewhere) by the enemy and interrogated by a sadist, tortured, and left at his mercy.
  • In battle, bearing a permanent injury, like loss of all four limbs (what?) or some other unrecoverable external injury.
  • To be impregnated by something that is not human and give birth to its child. (Jesus Christ, wtf)
  • To be eaten alive by a monster.
  • To be dissected alive.

So, as you can tell from the list above, there's something very, very wrong with this fandom. Half of this stuff would be called a "bad end," or baddo endo バッドエンド, while the other half is just in the realm of "please tell me this is a bad joke."

Ryona vs. Guro

The term ryona has a level of overlap with another term, guro グロ, that is, a number of scenarios that are considered ryona are also considered guro.

The difference between ryona and guro is that ryona is generally about the act of inflicting harm, while guro is about a depiction of something grotesque. So if there's harm inflicted, it's ryona, and if it results in gore, it's also guro. However, if there's only gore and the act of inflicting harm wasn't depicted, it'd be only guro and not ryona.

Origin of The Word

Okay, seriously, though. Turn back. Go visit another page. Close the tab. Go watch anime. You... you don't want to read what I'm going to write down here. You really don't. If you really want to continue reading, then, first, I advise you to prepare a bottle of bleach, because you're gonna need it.


The origin of the term ryona is the internet, specially, the Japanese board 2ch, which is kinda like the 4chan we have in English.

In this board, there was once a game-related thread entitled "kyaa" moeru himei no geemu "an'" 【きゃあっ】萌える悲鳴のゲーム【あんっ】, which was a scream, kyah!, followed by the phrase "games with screams you like" (see moe for the verb moeru), and ending with a moan, "ahn!"

In this thread, users talked about games where the voice actors, the characters screamed in pain and discomfort, and it might have sounded like moans of pleasure instead.

Then the 652th post drops this bomb:


baio ya RPG nado de aegigoe wo agenagara shindeiku koukei de
jii suru koui wo ryouki onanii meimei suru

"[I] name the act of masturbating to scenes of [characters] dying while gasping in RPG and Resident Evil, etc. 'jacking off seeking the bizarre.'"

(yes, seriously, someone said this. This is some 4chan-level shit right there.)

Note: baio バイオ is short for baiohazaado バイオハザード, the Japanese name for Resident Evil. This "seeking the bizarre" thing, ryouki, is about abnormal things. In this case, the post meant that masturbating to horror games is abnormal, not that the games they were masturbating to contained anything abnormal.

The next post, 653, says this ryouki onanii is a bit too dark. 654 says that's a given since you're masturbating to someone dying. Asking if the "final answer" is going to be that masturbating to screams is himei onanii and to characters dying ryouki onanii.

657 decides to abbreviate the term that was created just 5 posts before, saying ryonanii リョナニー should be the abbreviation of ryouki onanii.

Since onanii suru オナニーする means "to masturbate," then "to masturbate to [characters] dying" would be ryonanii suru リョナニーする, I guess. But, instead, people made it a -ru verb: ryonaru リョナる. So ryonatteru リョナってる would be the conjugation meaning "ryona'ing" or something.

Finally, people started saying just ryona リョナ as a noun. How much the term changed between its original extremely fucked up definition as ryouki onanii until then I don't know. But, as of today, the term ryona doesn't refer the act of masturbation itself, but to the content.

Ryona Games

By the way, from the origin above we can see that ryona originated from sick people playing SFW games and perverting those pure SFW games to their perversions.

Nowadays, a "ryona game," or ryona geemu リョナゲーム, also abbreviated ryonagee リョナゲー, has become a thing of its own. These ryona games would be essentially porn / hentai games for people with a violence fetish.

People actually make these. People actually buy these. This is actually a niche. What has the world come to?

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